Children deserve as much attention concerning hairstyles as grown-ups, in fact the media and celebrities have a special impact on them.

First of all we must admit that choosing a haircut for our little boys is not as easy as it may seem – maintenance and practicality are important aspects.

For little boys hairstyle trends aren’t a great issue until the age of 11, but moms want good haircuts for their little men

There are several haircuts that can be easily worm by little boys at any special occasion, since they’re low maintenance and simple.

The Buzz cut A very popular and practical hairstyle because it doesn’t require any styling – a simple short haircut, ideal active kids. It is perfect for all seasons especially on hot summer days, its length can be adjusted according to your needs, but the longer the hair is the more styling options you have.

A buzz cut is easy to maintain with regular trims – when hair is ½ to ¼ inch long you use an electric hair clippers to cut your little boy’s hair at home.

Little Boys Hairstyles and Haircuts

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The Caesar cut

The Caesar haircut was extremely popular during the 1990s, the cut was inspired by none other than Julius Caesar (thus the name). Hair is trimmed 1-2 inches around the head and bangs left longer slightly cover the forehead, brushed forward. The top can be easily styled with gel to create spikes or push the bangs back.

Caesar Haicut for Little Boys

The Bowl cut

If opting for this style it is very important to know the texture of your boy’s hair, since the bowl cut suits little guys with thick, straight hair best.

The bowl cut got its name from placing a bowl on the head using it as guide line and hair clipped off under the edge of the bowl. It is also called a mushroom hairstyle, the hair is cut short on the sides and back and left longer on the top.

Little Boy Mohawk Hairstyle and Spiky Haicut

Spiky hairstyle

This is one of the easiest and most popular hairstyles among little boys.

It can be styled in many ways, you can play with lengths. Boys with different hair textures can easily wear this style, except for little boys with very curly hair.

These are the basic haircuts for little boys, however, moms or hairdressers can do several combos of these classic hairdos.