Bangs are ultra-popular right now, especially the sweeping kind that move across the forehead. So let’s say you want to rev up your look without sacrificing overall length – can you simply book an appointment with your stylist and have fringe cut in? You can have bangs with any length, any shape or most any texture, because bangs are very in this season. The shape of the bangs varies according to trends, but there’s one thing that rarely changes: the thickness. Thick bangs have a certain sexiness, they exude health and their richness grabs attention, so be sure to cut your bangs right.

Still, there are rules that make certain bang types work better for specific facial shapes and hair textures. Here are some things that you should consider before getting snipped as getting it right is crucial if you want to look flawless. 

bangs hairstylehairstyle with bangs

Avoid bangs that are too short. They won’t allow you any movement or versatility.

Bangs that are too blunt or solid are also no-nos. Very precise, blunt bangs become “a finite finish”. You won’t be able to do anything else with it. And, unless your cut is a strong geometric, your bangs should be texturized for movement.

If you have a really high, rounded forehead, bangs can be awkward and, if your skin tends to be oily, they can make it break out. Keep in mind that pairing bangs with short forehead means you’ll need frequent trims.If your hair is coarse and wiry, bangs will draw up into a little ball, unless you’re willing to style them straight, they won’t work.

hairstyleshaircut with bangs

The best length for bangs is right below the eyebrows. They’ll shrink a little when they’re styled. Finally, if you haven’t had bangs in some time, you should try an overly long bang. It’s a great introduction because you’re not locked into it.