Many Hollywood A-listers manage to soften their features with the right hairstyle for a square jaw. Check out the perfect hairstyles for a square jaw, which can do wonders for your gorgeous look.

Whether you have a square jawline or a square face, discover a few of the best hairstyles that can truly make a difference. Choose your favorite depending on the length of your hair and enjoy the way if softens your features for a truly flattering look.

Hairstyles with Long Layers

Graduated layers are the best look for a square jaw if you like your tresses on the longer side. The shortest layer should be at the height of your chin, while all the other layers should fall below it for the most flattering look. 

Layered Hairstyles For Square Face Shape

Go for long and asymmetrical layers if you want a great look. If you have short or medium hair, skin the short layers which actually add to your strong jawline.

Asymmetrical Bobs

Asymmetric Bob For Square Jawline

If you’re thinking a bob is one of the best hairstyles for a square jawline, you’re right, but not every bob works as well. Go for an angled or asymmetrical bob if you want a look that soften your features. The mono-length bob won’t do you any favors, in fact it actually draws attention to your square jaw.

Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs

Best Bangs For Square Jawline

When you’re trying to downplay a square jaw, bangs might be the right way to go, but they should never be too blunt or too wispy. Eye-skimming bangs are the right way to go. Keep them swept on the side that really works for you and they’ll draw attention to your eyes, making your square face much less noticeable.

Wavy or Curly Bobs

Bob Hairstyle For Square Face

Bob are among the best hairstyles for a square jawline, but if your hair isn’t straight, you don’t have to worry about getting an asymmetrical cut. Whether you have soft waves or big curls, they can definitely work for a bob, as long as it’s not chin-length. Try a slightly longer bob, because a lob definitely makes your jawline less noticeable by creating extra volume under your jawline.

Hairstyles with a Side Part

Side Part Hairstyles For Square Faces

If you have a square jaw and you love you hair with a center part, you should know that it’s not doing you any favors. You don’t have to go for an extreme side-part, just keep it slightly off center. This simple trick will work wonders for the proportions of your face, especially if you have a little volume up top or at the roots.

Pixie Cuts with Volume on Top

Pixie Hairstyle For Square Face

The pixie cut is definitely one of the most flattering hairstyles for a square jawline, but don’t go for an Anne Hathaway or Michelle Williams extra short pixie. Instead, choose a Halle Berry or Kristin Chenoweth pixie cut with more volume on top. When you’re getting a short tapered cut, make sure that you have a little extra volume on top to make your face look more rectangular than square.

Hairstyles with Rounded Bangs

Rounded Bangs For Square Jawline

A rounded fringe is definitely a good look for women with a strong jawline. The key to getting the perfect bangs that aren’t blunt or side-swept is getting the sides longer then the center. Whether you choose an eyebrow length fringe or something shorter, keep the sides at least an inch longer than the center. Don’t go too far and get them cut at a maximum of an inch and a half longer than the center for a flattering, face-framing look.

Low Chignons

Best Updos For Square Face

If you love updos, the low chignon is definitely one of the hairstyles for a square jawline that you should try. Remember to avoid the center part and go for a loose chignon with a few loose strands at your temples for the most flattering look.

Long Hairstyles for a Square Jaw

Long Haircuts For Square Jawline

When you’re considering a longer to medium haircut that’s flattering for your square jawline, make sure that it always hits under the collarbone. With or without layers, that’s the minimum length that manages to soften your features and make your face appear narrower.

Mid-Length Curly Hairstyles

Medium Haircuts For Square Jawline

If you have curly hair and want to keep it natural, follow the same guidelines when it comes to hairstyles for a square jawline. The ends of your hair will always create extra volume, so they should fall well below the chin, preferably at the collarbone. For anything longer, layers are definitely a good idea.