If you are an eyeglass wearer you probably know how hard it is to find the perfect haircut, that will harmonize with your face shape and glasses. Here are some tips that may help to pull these characters together.

The first thing is to bring your glasses to your hairdresser when having a new cut. Your eyewear is a major contributor of your image, so it changes your whole look when you put them on or take them off.Even if you don’t wear them all the time, this way you can be sure that the haircut will match them.

The best haircuts for eyeglass wearers would be the ones that keep hair away from your face.

If you like long hairstyles, style hair up and to the sides to keep the hair away from the frames. As for side partings, the complementary frames would be square-shaped ones.

Wide frames go best with chunky, textured bangs, sleek, long hairstyles but with no volume, or short hairstyle with strong vertical lines.

Zoe Saldana with EyeglassesZoe Saldana Eyeglasses Hairstyle

Large frames complement perfectly long layered styles with extra volume at the sides.

Small framed glasses look great with short, cropped wavy styles, or longer blunt cuts.If you want bangs, make sure that the length will stay above the frames – if bangs are too long, may ruin your whole look.

Also, fringes need a light frame, so avoid dark, heavy framed glasses.

Eyeglass Wearer Hairstyles and HaircutEyeglass Wearer Hairstyles and Haircut

Try selecting frames that will complement your hair color.

For example, for brown/black hair try a metallic or dark frames. An eye catching option would be a deep brown or burgundy, or even tortoiseshell frames.

For blondes best are transparent or very light frames with delicate shapes, but if you want to stand out and get noticed, opt for black frames that will create strong contrast with the light hair color.

As for redheads, the only frames they should avoid are white and yellow ones.For a more classy and sophisticated look, darker tortoiseshell frames would look great on redheads.

When choosing a hairstyle, try to keep an balanced look with your glasses, or do just the opposite: wear completely different glasses as the ones that would match to your ponytail, diverting the attention away from your simple hairstyle. You’ll get a young and playful new look with a pair of large brightly colored glasses, instead of the normal, boring glasses.