Get creative at home! Take a closer look at this season’s runway hairstyles and get ready for new styles!

Gorgeous hairstyles have no more secrets – here are the most practical tips for ravishing tresses!

Luscious Locks

Opting for magnificently large curls is a brave but ultimately glamorous choice. No other look claims you’re proficient at styling this one.

The key to this style:

Find yourself a good styling product and you’ll be laughing.

For the best results think sprays and light gels for fine, straight hair and lotions and creams for thick textured hair.

Get the style!

Spritz a curl-creator spray onto clean, damp hair, comb through and blow-dry while running your fingers through tresses.

Turn your hot tong to its lowest heat setting and leaving the jaws open, wind 2 inch sections of hair, starting from the root, around the bottom jaw.

Close the jaws and hold for a few seconds then release. Repeat this all over the head.

Run you fingers through the locks and spray with a flexible hairspray.

Wispy Rock Lengths

Volume, texture, mega-gloss and centre-parting – the latest fashion-elite favorite! Often seen sported by the likes of the Olsen sisters or Kate Moss, this rock-chick look is back and this time it’s packed to the rafters with a gorgeously grungey feel.

The key to this style:If your hair is fine and straight, comb in volume enhancing mousse.

Wavy, textured hair needs to retain its coveted curling power, while losing the frizz – use daily moisturizing styling cream.


Get the style!

For fine, straight hair curling irons will work wonderfully. Separate half-inch pieces and wrap around the curling tong in a corkscrew motion. Hold it less time than if you were going for a very curly look, then release.

Let curls cool, then run fingers into waves finishing them with medium hold shine spray.

For naturally textured hair start by adding a small blob of smoothing cream to damp hair.

Preserve natural waves and curls you will want to lean forward and dry your hair upside down using a hair dryer.

As you dry your hair scrunch it to create loose waves and curls.

Sexy Diva Sideys

There’s something very sensual-looking about these one-sided hairstyles like these. Sexy looks that are styled sweeping on the side are getting bigger and bigger as the months pass.

The key to this style: When you create the parting, make sure the root has lots of volume and get product that will keep locks under control.

Get the style!

Start by making a deep, side-parting in dry hair, backcombing it at the roots first.

Spritz your hair all over with either a heat-protecting styling spray or curl enhancer.

Add large heated rollers to your lengths winding them up to ear level and leave them to cool.

When the rollers have cooled, unwind them carefully and gather the hair over one shoulder. Spray the hair thoroughly for hold and shine.

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