Those who were blessed with a long and oblong face shape can choose from the multitude of hair styles that are available on the market. However, it seems that not all that glitters is gold! Often these people are longing for curves and soft lines which can be achieved with a few changes in the texture and designs of the strands. The main illusion to create is in fact to grant the face with some wideness. Hair stylists offer fabulous hairdos dedicated both to those who have long cascading locks as well as curls or short crops. The main emphasis is indeed placed on the facial features. Consequently, it’s time to juggle with proportions and balance the eventual disproportions of our look. The latest trends in hair dressing will furnish you with creative ideas on how to perk up your appearance. These are some of the most inspiring hairstyles for a long face.

Long Top Layer One of the revolutionary tips on how to decrease the length of your face and add some volume is through leaving the strands on the top player longer. This will secure the proper visual effect since a heightened and raised hairdo would further boost the oblong quality of your face. Instead, opt for stylish bangs and a smooth and cropped style that will flatter your facial features.

Whether you sport blunt or XXL bangs or would rather stick to a refined side-swept style, make sure to choose the right length to offer a polished flair to your strands. In the case of short crops this rule is more important since a large section of the face is exposed and it’s easier to ruin the appearance with an inappropriate style. Bob hairstyles of any type from the classy to the groovy ones will all perfectly suit your long face shape.

Layers Stylists might repeat themselves when praising the power of layers. However, in the case of almost all face shapes this stylish accessory offers the option to even out the differences in proportions and camouflage the eventual beauty flaws. Oblong and long faces scream for some volume on the sides. Therefore, uneven levels are the main means to create them.

Definition is given by the wideness that is created through boosting the height and texture of the strands. Curls are also some of the top hair styles used by professionals to create the illusion of width and roundness. Flat and super-sleek hairstyles would ruin your project of perfecting your look. This quality is at least said unflattering to those who have a narrow face. Use the proper hair styling products to achieve the desired look.

Bangs The latest chic bangs styles can offer everyone the chance to sport some ultra-flattering and groovy accessories. In the case of those who have a long and narrow face it is recommended to opt for the long and eyebrow-sweeping designs that will cut a generous amount of the length of the face.

This will add immediate fullness to the cheeks and play down the narrow look. The multitude of stylish bangs will furnish you with enough ideas to create the impression of volume and definition. Match this ‘must have’ detail with wavy strands as the main remedy to combat the lack of refined curves.