A new hairstyle is the best way to refresh your image. However, it is more important to go for the right length and shape in order to flatter your round features. Lines, angles and even colors can help you in masking some of your flaws. The proper hairstyle can do more than you think to your look. Make sure to take into account the shape of your face and your prominent features in order to match them with the right hairdos.

There’s no need to shed off your extra-pounds in order to feel more confident. A face slimming hairstyle will elongate the face reducing from its wideness. Balancing the proportions is the key to the face slimming look.

Opt for the following Face slimming hairstyles and haircuts in order to feel stylish and boost your confidence.

Say No To Full Bangs

Indeed, full and XXL bangs are fab hairstyles, however, it doesn’t mean that these do a huge favor to every face shape. Hair gurus advise those who would like to reduce the roundness of their face to avoid these bangs styles. Instead, go for a more decent and wispy one that will have the same flattering effect. Indeed, the dense strands shaped into a blunt cut will further increase the wideness of the face.

In order to sport a dazzling hairstyle it is recommended to opt for light, whispy bangs that won’t cut the frame of the face. The proper design will do miracles with your round features. Side-swept and asymmetrical bangs are the top options to create the illusion of a narrow face. Keep away from thick bangs to keep your look polished and face shape appropriate.

Layers Alarm

Besides being wise tricks for brightening up our look, layers will also be able to soften the stiff lines of our face. These tiny accessories will further lengthen the face making it way narrower than it really is.

The strands will not only look more refined, but this styling technique will also add volume and texture to them. As a versatile hair styling trick it will perfectly match all face shapes from the round to the square one. Shag haircuts are among the most sought-after hairstyles in the industry.

Hairstyles with uniform length are no-no styles for those who long for a slimming effect. The extra-long strands might create the impression of a flat and dull look. The best way to revive your tresses is to add some height to the crown area and layers are just perfect for your goal.

You can further upgrade your do with a fab parting. It would be a nice idea to test all the different parting styles in order to find the most natural one, but if you’re not skilled enough to decide, go for the natural one.

Go Shorty

Short crops not only look super-cute, but can also add volume to strands. Contrary to the misconceptions, mini tresses perfectly match fuller faces. However, there’s no room for an extremely choppy hairdo. The best way is to go for a mild short style version that flatters the roundness and at the same time reduces from its wideness.

Hair stylists often advise us to trim our hair every once in a while, then why not choose a style that adds length and fine lines to our features? Those who are reluctant to say goodbye to their long strands should not feel forced to cut their cascading locks, instead, they should choose a medium ‘do that bares the signs of a long hairstyle.