There are a myriad of cool haircuts out there to choose from but that doesn’t mean that they all bring the same benefits. Individuality can be highly underlined through a haircut and thus the search for a look that is atypical is constant. Search no more as the following edgy hairstyles for 2012 will surely make you turn heads by accentuating your best features and striking style.

Depending on your length, there are various hair cutting techniques which can throw you right into the spotlight. The shorter you go as far as your haircut goes or the bigger the difference between hair length from various parts of the head, the edgier the effect, so check out the following styles and pick your new look for 2012.

Hair by HOB Salon Creative TeamHair by Jamie StevensHair by HOB Salon Creative TeamHair by Jay Calder

Short crops are hot and don’t require too much time or products for styling, however they are definitely not for everyone. If your face shape can pull off a short crop, turn to sharp line cuts, exposing layers or long bangs mixed with a super short cut. Super short crops are a perfect match for women with petite features while short hairstyles that still give you a little bit of length to play with work perfectly with oval face shapes. Go for layers or blunt, well defined lines that will be accentuated through a straight hair texture and you’ll surely not go by unnoticed. Long side swept or blunt cut bangs work perfectly with a short ‘do, so add bangs to your crop if you want to obtain a mysterious allure.

Hair by HOB Salon Creative TeamHair by HarringtonsHair by IshokaHair by Boons

Medium length hairstyles are definitely the most popular hairstyles out there as they feature a perfect balance between versatility and maintenance level, but because of that popularity, most medium length hairstyles look very conventional. Give your locks a little bit of a personality and more pizazz by opting for straight cut, asymmetric or long, pointy cut Betty Page bangs. Another great way to make your midi look atypical is by opting for a short bob which exposes a buzzcut styled up to the sideburns.

Longer hairstyles can too give off edginess without losing that high dose of femininity the hair length exudes by opting for asymmetric cuts incorporated through the hairstyle. Pair the undercut with dramatic layers drawing inspiration from Cassie and recreate her famous look featuring shaved sides of the head going in a ‘V’ shape towards the back of the neck. Let your inhibitions go and opt for a non-conventional hairstyle, an edgier look that will make you look stunning everywhere you go!

Hair by Neil BartonHair by EsteticaHair by Colournation Art TeamHair by George