Many parents opt for some basic, really simple haircuts, others attempt the latest haircut trends. However, we have to keep in mind that it is equally important for our kids to like their new look and feel comfortable with it. There is no need to consider complicated hairstyles that require a lot of time to maintain.

Moms are usually busy and children are impatient to sit in one place for long. Therefore, when it comes to your kids’ hairstyle, think about a practical, simple, but also stylish haircut that makes them look neat and stylish. Take a look at our smart ideas below for a few tips about the cutest kids hairstyles.

Hairstyles for girls

Kids are very active, and most of the times they are playing in the kindergarten or having fun on the swings and slides on the playground. Therefore, style should not be of major importance at that age. The best thing is to opt for a haircut that will not get tangled up easily. There are lots of cute haircuts for little girls. The most simple and practical ones are the short haircuts, a little past over the ears and shoulder length hairstyles which can be tied up in ponytails or pigtails. For more active kids, shorter haircuts are very practical. Short hair can be cut in cute bob style also.

For special occasions, both the shorter and longer haircuts can be styled in different ways by adding waves or curls them or by pinning them up. By these small techniques you can transform your little daughter into a princess. Medium hair provides a large variety of cute hairstyles. It is the most popular haircut for girls due to its easy maintenance. Your little girl will enjoy adding some small accessories to her hair, such as ribbons, head bands or different hairgrips.

Longer hair is more suitable when the kids get a little older, at age 8-10. Long hair can be tied back or braided in many ways, which are great everyday options. Pay a visit to your hairdresser to get professional haircut tips and choose the most suitable one for your kid.

Hairstyles for boys

Little boys can have lots of different haircuts, depending on their age, hair type and activity. There are plenty of cute hairstyles for little boys. It is better to opt for a simpler, short haircut than longer hair, because it allows them to enjoy their activities freely, without any mess.

The most basic haircut for little boys is the buzz cut, the shortest haircut for boys and the easiest to maintain. It is very practical, mainly in the summertime. You can choose for your son a short haircut in textured style also. This hairstyle is usually a great choice for every little boy and makes them even cuter.

Another great haircut for little boys is the comb over style. The hair can be parted on one side and some longer strands can be left to go over the forehead. It is a very popular haircut and gives your little boy a cute and elegant look. This haircut is perfect if your son has a really smooth hair. If your son has wavy hair, then you can let it grow a bit longer. This haircut is wonderful because it adds great volume to the hair and it suits every age group.

These haircuts are simple and practical as well as easy to maintain. We’ve offered you a few examples of cute boy haircuts, but there is a wide range of boy hairstyles that you can choose from, depending on hair length, hair type and age group.