Are bangs hairstyles still considered a trend? Believe it or not, cute bangs – whether blunt, asymmetric, or wispy – can look great on just about anyone, as long as they’re done right. Here are some ideas for cute ways to cut your bangs according to your face shape.

For heart and a triangular faces, experts recommend long bangs that cover most of the forehead – easily straight or asymmetrical to visually balance the sharp jawline and high cheekbones.

Oval faces ‘welcome’ almost any form of bangs, while the best bangs for round faces are side bangs or layered styles, tucked to the side of the face: their asymmetry will visually make the face more elongated and less wide.

Full Curved Bangs HairstyleWispy Layered Bangs With Long Hair

Blunt Bangs

The fact that many celebs are spotted wearing straight-across blunt bangs after all these years is enough proof to give this cute cut a chance. While a youthful, oval face can look great in just about any style, a long face shape can easily handle the sharpness of this blunt bangs hairstyle. Consider this cute bangs hairstyle cut to create a tough-gal, edgy rocker look.

Wispy bangs

Wispy bangs are perfect for softening the features of a square face shape. Remember to add a little more weight to your bangs, in order to avoid a skimpy fringe. This asymmetrical wispy bangs cut from long to short is very texturized and a bit heavy, so you need to style them off to the side.

Parted Bangs Medium HairstyleShag Hairstyle With Parted Bangs

Split bangs

With an oval face shape, you can pretty much wear any bang style you want. However, if you have delicate features, the best way to style your bangs is by splitting them to the sides to avoid a harsh look – you can wear them side-swept or parted down the middle.

Asymmetric Bangs On Long HairSide Bangs On Long Hair

Asymmetrical Bangs

The asymmetrical bangs hairstyle is the must-try trend! It can be of medium length or descend almost to the chin. It is a great way to cut your bangs, especially for those of you who wear bob or cute pixie hairstyles. Also it is an equally advantageous cut for straight and curly hair. Once your bangs have been cut, you can style your hair in a variety of ways to bring out that disparity, including straightening them so that the layers are very noticeable.

Layered Bangs On Short Shag HaircutJagged Bangs On Short Hair

Jagged Bangs

How to exude boyish enthusiasm, being sexy and attractive at the same time? Bangs with jagged edges and heavily layered, asymmetrical lines will definitely create such an effect, especially in combination with a cute short haircut. If you want to divert attention from your sharp chin, cheekbones or a large angular forehead, then a jagged, uneven bangs hairstyle will do this naturally. This cute hairstyle is also suitable for medium and long hair.

Jagged Bangs HaircutBlunt Bangs On Medium Hair

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