Keeping the pace with the latest hair styling tendencies might be indeed challenging, however if you wish to trace down the newest waves when it comes to hair dressing, make sure you keep an eye on the latest choppy layered hair styles for 2011. These would not only offer you the proper tools to highlight your best features, but can also make bad hair days vanish in an instant.

Ladies who are keen to experiment with the least-ordinary haircuts will look smashing when teamed with all hair types and lengths. These are only some of the most voguish haircuts envisioned by the most talented and ace stylists of our time.

by Indigoryeby Royston Blytheby Red Hair and Beautyby Royston Blythe

Pixies as well as other faddish close-cropped haircuts can be easily complemented and topped with choppy layers created with the latest hair dressing techniques. Stylists will appeal to the power of a hair styling razor that thins out the strands to the desired style. Take a glimpse at these cute layered Pixie haircuts and short crops that radiate femininity and sex-appeal at its highest form. Take these examples as the perfect source of inspiration if you’re flirting with the idea of a new ‘do.

by Indigoryeby Charlie Millerby H3by Contemporary Salons

The measure of layering is indeed defined by your preferences. You can either go for the edgy and more non-conformist look if you long for an alternative haircut. In this case, spread those choppy layers all over the locks and enhance your hair with clean definition as well as an immaculate structure. In order to achieve a similar effect as the one presented above make sure you use some of the high class styling products. Wax, texturizing pastes as well as gels do magic with your haircut. Use them like a real pro to sport a versatile hairdo over and over again.

by Barbara Daleyby Saksby Royston Blytheby Charlie Miller

Your midi lacks a dapper groove, then make sure you won’t skip the choppy layered trend that will help you get rid of the dull texture and lifeless locks. Split ends will also disappear and the makeover will be miraculous leaving you with a simply irresistible look. Pull off the desired va-va-voom effect by placing the layers to the crown section or all over the head. Pair the right do to your face shape and let your creative side lead you through the styling process.