Choppy bangs can be the stunning detail for many hairstyles, but getting them right for your features is very important for a balanced look. Find out more about the best choppy bangs and how to cut and style them.

Short Choppy Bangs

Going for short choppy bangs is usually a good idea when you’re keeping your hair either short or medium length. For a longer length, short choppy bangs can help you get the 1950s pin up girl look, but they’ll also create a less versatile look.

Avoid very short choppy bangs if your face is round, as these will simply accentuate its shape, even if the rest of your hair is properly layered to elongate the face. Choppy bangs can go well with a bob or a shag hairstyle and they’re usually cut horizontally for the right look.

Choppy Side Swept Bangs

If you’re rather get choppy side bangs, like the ones sported by Reese Witherspoon, you should absolutely not try to cut them yourself. The layering of the bangs should be done by a professional stylist, depending on the way you plan on wearing them, from shorter to longer.

Simple and straight choppy bangs won’t give you the same look as when they’re side swept, so be prepared to pick a side and stick to it, at least until your bangs grow out or you decide to get hair extensions.

Penelope Cruz Choppy BangsReese Witherspoon Choppy Bangs Hairstyle

Choppy Bangs for Long Hair

If you have long hair, choppy bangs can be a great addition to your look as long as they’re not too short. Cut too much and you’ll end up looking like a little girl who played around with scissors, so be sure to turn to a professional for help!

Choppy bangs for long hair work particularly well if you have a square shaped face but only as long as you add a few layers on the sides as well.

Celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Zooey Deschanel, along with Nicole Richie and Jennifer Garner, have sported great looking long hairstyles with choppy bangs, so let their perfect cuts inspire you.

Nicole Richie Choppy Bangs

Choppy Layers with Side Swept Bangs 

If you want more texture throughout the entire length of your tresses, choppy layers with side swept bangs are a great choice for a look that will accentuate the beauty of your hair.

Hillary Duff, Debby Ryan and Kristen Bell, are only a few of the celebrities who love the look and their choppy bangs have been perfected with the help of a stylist based on their face shape.

Ashlee Simpson Choppy Bangs HairstyleJennifer Garner Choppy Bangs

If you opt for choppy bangs to improve your look, remember that you’re not getting a low maintenance haircut and that your bangs will need to be carefully dried and styled daily for a clean-chic look, but the result will be well worth the effort!

Debby Ryan Long Hairstyle With Choppy BangsKristen Bell Choppy Bangs

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