Play with your locks and come up with a catchy and creative idea on how to keep monotony at bay. The medium asymmetrical haircuts below furnish you with the ultimate answer to all your beauty prayers. Dare to rise above the crowd with an ultra-sophisticated and at the same time easy-to-style medium hairstyle.

Wear your locks tousled and punked-up or opt for a classy design that brings out the most of your flirty and fresh features. Choose the most flattering cut depending on your mood and styling options. Simply create texture with the use of texturizing products and set your tresses in the ideal shape using your fingers or a high quality blow dryer.

Medium Haircutby Devon PlamondonMedium Haircutby Devon PlamondonMedium Haircutby Christel LundqvistMedium Haircutby Edwin Johnston

Embrace a fab stand-out look with these perfectly sculpted hairdo ideas. Give your midi the ultimate glamor boost with a few innovative styling ideas. Trim your locks to this in-between dimension to stay on trend with the newest hairdressing tendencies. Versatility is guaranteed if you decide to make the cut. Go for an easy-maintenance hairstyle if you want to spend more time with styling and less with conditioning and cleansing. The bold and beautiful medium cuts below provide your features with a well-defined frame. Team up your shiny and happy tresses with a sight-pampering tone that contrasts or complements your natural shade.

Medium Haircutby Berendowicz KublinMedium Haircutby LorealMedium Haircutby GandiniMedium Razored Haircutby Pete Koziell

Accentuate the graduated structure of your hair with the use of texture paste or wax. Master the art of playing with various sculpting formulas and pick the ones that suit your hair type. Don’t underestimate the power of asymmetry! Take a closer look at these amazing hairstyle inspirations and sport your tresses either disheveled and edgy or neat and classy. Know your alternatives when it comes to adding a modern twist to your cute midi. Pro hairdressers will grant you with a versatile and at the same time face shape-flattering hair design which allows you to showcase your refined style sense.

Medium Haircutby Hession HairdressingMedium Haircutby Oscar OscarMedium Haircutby LlonguerasMedium Haircutby Sassoon Academy