The secret to look tress-tatic was revealed by hair gurus: uneven layers decorating our mane will bring out the best of both our hair type as well as facial features. Layered haircuts lead the top of sought-after cuts thanks to their popularity among celebrities as well as to their power to banish the plain and moth-eaten look of lank locks. Those who struggle with series of bad hair days will be thrilled to find the solution to keep their locks versed with the latest trends. These bouncy shag haircuts will add bulk to the strands and can enhance your appearance with a hot kitten allure. Adopt the classy or the ‘good girl gone bad’ and more edgy look to make a real statement with your locks.

Similar hairstyles won’t steal your precious spare time especially if you learn how to handle your hair texture with the various basic and more complex hair styling products and tools. Spritzing some volumising spray to your hair is the ultimate solution to ease the hair sculpting process. Add a hint of finesse by making the ends look more sultry and softened in order to blend the asymmetrical sections into the overall do. On the other hand, wax and mousse are also your best friends when it comes to playing up a more alternative and one-of-a-kind appearance. In this case emphasize the uneven layers with these products to separate each and every unique unit.

Re-energize your brand new do with a few simple steps and steal the show with the fewer still more definite or playful and more layers on the front or top sections. The hair will benefit of immediate volume and dimension boost especially if you refuse to stick only to the bangs area or front and expand the use of these chic accessories all over the head. Tapered looks are perfect both for summer as well as the next seasons as some of the top notch trends to try. Mussed up shag haircuts provide your face with the must have frame that attracts the admiring sights and it’s also considered one of the most versatile cuts of the season.

Sweep your bangs to the side to accentuate your feminine side and charisma. Those who would like to pile up the benefit of layers can also go for the choppy bangs look which is oh-so-popular and chic these days. Use a high quality flat iron to highlight the sophisticated and complex cut, this method will help you separate the layers and add them an individual finesse and sculpting which will further boost the sight-pleasing effect of your casual do.

The choppy finish is the A-list accessory of bouncy shag haircuts that create the impression of a laid-back and careless appearance especially if you were blessed with curls. There’s no need to stay away from these haircut options if you sport corkscrews, instead experiment with the looks. Take the phases gradually in order to get comfortable with your new look as well as the dense texture of your strands.

Too heavy hair might weigh down the roots this way creating a flat head look. In order to avoid it team the texture and volume of your hair with a similar cut. Funk up the locks with a bouncy finish. Regardless of the length of the hair quit ruining your reputation with lank and worn-out locks and play up your best features with these haircuts.