Plan ahead of your next makeover and add interest to your tresses with a smashing hairstyle. The bold medium haircut ideas below illustrate the versatility of midis. Choose this in-between dimension if you’re not prepared for making the cut and go super-short.

Those who are tired of unmanageable texture and split ends can also explore the infinite advantages of these modern haircuts. Depending on your personality, opt for a cut that allows you to flaunt your creativity.

Medium Layered Hairstyleby James ParrucchieriMedium Layered Hairstyleby JoicoMedium Layered Hairstyleby MassatoMedium Layered Hairstyleby Wella

Double your sculpting possibilities with these choppy layered haircuts. Asymmetry is your best pal if you’re lusting after versatility. Use some texturising cream or wax to dress up your locks with definition and volume. Wear your locks super-tousled for a wild and daring hair design. On the other hand, you can also sport the sleek and glossy variation of the medium layered cut. Prep for special events with an eye-popping and stylish hairdo. Team up your glamorous midi shag with suit-all bangs and fringe designs to land on the best tressed list.

Medium Layered HairstyleWeb CollectionMedium Layered HairstyleWeb CollectionMedium Layered Hairstyleby Lisa SheperdMedium Layered Hairstyleby Paul Mitchell

The hottest layered bob hairstyles come in a large variety. From soft to heavy layered designs, all can definitely sweep hair fans from their feet. Pump up the volume with the use of volumizers or texturizers and set the tresses in the desired shape. Choose a deep side part for a mysterious and edgy look. If classy is your stuff, you can preserve the neat texture of your locks with a tiny amount of smoothing cream. Purchase styling products that help you flaunt the zillion different styling alternatives this length guarantees.

Medium Layered Hair Styleby Roman KiselevMedium Layered Hair Styleby Lawrence AnthonyMedium Layered Hair Styleby Peter DonatoMedium Layered Hair Styleby Royston Blythe