Most recommended hairstyles for women over 60 range from extra short crops – that give a certain sex appeal for the active grandmas and they’re low-maintenance – to more conservative, mid-length haircuts with bangs encourage a youthful appearance.

When choosing a cut, it’s important to match it with face shape, hair texture, but also body shape – nothing is more aging than a wrongly chosen or out of date hairstyle.

Layered bobs and texturized one-length cuts are great options – they create movement and lift around the face, giving definition to the chin and elongating the neck.

Longer layers can be easily curved and flipped for movement. Volume at the crown help balance face shape and give definition to the jawline area – opt for a haircut that enhance fullness, again layers are highly recommended that instantly make fine, thin hair look fuller.

Senior Haircuts - Hairstyles for Older WomenBob Haircuts for Mature Women Over 60Catherine Deneuve Wavy Bob HairstyleHellen Mirren Bob Hairstyle

Razored ends can make wrinkles appear less visible and positioning them towards the jawline, can instantaneously lift up features. According to several stylists a lighter color, certainly one that complement your skin and eye color, will do miracles. Whether you decide to go naturally grey or cover it is up to you – opt for professional help to find the best hair color.

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