Bob haircuts with bangs are no longer classic medium styles – hairstyle trends have changed a great deal. Short or medium length, layered or inverted, with blunt or wispy bangs: the variety of bob haircuts with bangs can be adapted to hair textures and face shapes, exuding femininity and personal charm.

If you love going from long hair to short bob haircuts with bangs then you need to know that there are countless modern, edgy possibilities to change it up and get some variety. 

From clean, sleek inverted bob haircuts with bangs to full, glamorous layered styles, there’s a stylish bob haircut with bangs for every face shape and hair type. Have yours looking perfect and add some swing with lots of beautiful volume by using a few expert styling tips. Put a modern spin on the season’s hottest bobs with a fresh, flirty finish!

Bob Hairstyle With BangsBob Haircut With Side Bangs

Bob Haircut with Side Bangs

A gorgeous bob haircut with angled side bangs, falling right past your chic is an edgy take on a classic cut. To style this bob haircut with bangs you’ll need to apply Smooth Firewall Argan iron spray by AG Hair Cosmetics for protection. Take a flat iron to straighten your locks, if necessary apply anti-frizz product. 

Wavy Bob Haircut With BangsBlonde Bob Haircut With Bangs

For you side bangs you’ll need a big round brush and some styling spray, like the Nick Chavez Amazon body spray. Blow-dry your bangs to the side. If your hair is thin and lacks volume, you can use a 1 inch curling iron to style it up a bit. Wavy bob haircuts with bangs are great for every face shape.

Short Bob Haircut With Side BangsShort Bob Haircut With Bangs

Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs

Short hair is fun and in vogue, and contrary to what you might believe there are countless ways to style it. Short bob haircuts with bangs can be worn straight or with a few curly strands, with side parted bangs or almost covering your eyes. You can straighten your hair or make it look messy, or even twist and pin some strands onto the sides for a flirty look!

Long Bob Haircut With BangsLayered Bob Haircut With Bangs

Layered Bob Haircuts with Bangs

Layered bob haircuts with long, blunt bangs have been among the most popular celebrity hairstyles in recent years. They create a polished look that effortlessly compliments an evening outfit. Layered bob haircuts with bangs can be easily styled when you’re in a rush to get to the office, or with extra care and product for something a bit more sophisticated. You can add your layered bob hairstyle a vintage vibe by curling each strand with a curling iron, keeping them away from your face and paying extra attention to your bangs.

Bob Haircut With Long BangsShaggy Bob Haircut With Bangs

Inverted Bob Haircut with Bangs

The length of the inverted bob haircut with bangs varies according to your preferences. If you want something spiky that doesn’t need a lot of attention – but looks stunning nonetheless – then you should go for a short inverted bob haircut with bangs. But if you’re not ready to give up your lovely tresses, then a just-above-the-collarbone inverted bob haircut looks just as amazing. You will have to keep your flat iron close at all times!

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Photos: © Jean Claude Aubry, VOG Coiffure, AvedaJacques Dessange