Getting the right hairstyle is very important because hairstyles can emphasize certain facial features and contribute greatly to your overall appearance. As difficult as it may seem, choosing the right hairstyle is actually very easy.

Hairstyles have to be chosen mostly according to the face shape and hair type. There are a variety of hairstyles available meant to suit different face shapes and different tastes, so find out which hairstyles can emphasize or conceal specific facial features for your face shape.

Round face shapes need a little bit of extra care when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle, simply because the face shape requires a hairstyle that will not emphasize it’s roundness but make it seem appear more oval. To make the job easier for you, choose one of these hairstyles for round face shapes. Make sure to avoid short hairstyles that are above chin length because these types of hairstyles reveal and emphasize the roundness of your face shape. This is exactly what you want to avoid, so try to maintain a certain hair length, preferably below chin length.

Medium hairstyles for round face shapes

Medium hairstyles work beautifully with round face shapes especially if the hair’s length exceeds chin length. Medium straight hairstyles look extraordinary with round face shapes because straight hairstyles create a slimming effect, completely beneficial for round face shapes. Straight across bangs should be avoided because straight bangs emphasize width, so opt for side swept bangs instead. Curls that are placed at chin level also should be avoided. When curling hair, place volume at the crown rather than to the sides of the face – this way you’ll elongate the face making it look more oval. Layers will help medium curly hairstyles for round face shapes pose better so that the face appears slimmer.

Long hairstyles for round face shapes

The longer the hair, the better. This type of face shape looks best with long hairstyles, plus there are other advantages that come along with long hairstyles. Versatility is the best advantage long hairstyles come with, and being able to style your hair differently every time can only be to your advantage. Sleek straight hair featuring blunt cuts help adding a slimming effect by toning down the roundness of the face. Loose curls work beautifully as well, just make sure the curls are not too poofy.

hair layered round hair

Choose the hairstyle that you think works for you best. Try to consult with your hairstylist when it comes to your hairstyle and you will look beautiful. If you are in doubt, you can try a more modern approach by using a virtual hairstyle program, which will help you choose the proper hairstyle and hair color virtually.