First of all, it is highly recommended to choose the basic hairdo that can be further topped with a brand new bang style.

The key to make the best option is to realize that in order to minimize the roundness of your face, you’ll have to choose angles and lines that create the illusion of length and narrowness. Hair stylists often joggle with these tricks in order to show the best features and sides of celebrities and catwalk models.

Round faces often bare some typical traits as full cheekbones, a shorter neck and also a wider hairline. For the sake of choosing the best hairdo it is vital to take into account these details as well as the length, texture and quality of your strands.

These are the basic issues that will determine your hairdo choice. The buzzword when deciding to go for a brand new cut is length. If you’ll be able to balance the uneven proportions of your face you’ll manage to pull off a dashing look.

Jessica Biel Cameron Diaz

Uneven choppy bangs are the great deal for you! Round faced people should always look for slenderizing tricks. The asymmetrical style will give the illusion of an elongated, slightly oval-ish face. This way you’ll be able to mask the roundness of your features and the wideness of the forehead.

Those who consider this face shape a burden might change their mind when they find out that there’s remedy to sport a spotless, more dazzling hairdo. There’s no need to hide behind blunt cuts and full XXL bangs. These inappropriate accessories will only dress down your image.

Anna Paquin Kirsten Dunst

Wear your layered and groovy bangs with style as soon as you discover how flattering these will be to your face. More, you should also go for a fab side-swept bangs style preferably of an impressive length. This will equal the proportion differences both on the sides as well as efficiently lengthen the forehead.

Use your creative styling skills to add volume to the tips and strands. Height is a great means to upgrade your hairdo. Avoiding the flat hairstyles is the secret weapon towards a smashing hairdo.

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Celebrities also opt for longer hairstyles paired with side-swept bangs to offer a well-defined frame to their faces. The layers both in bangs and the hair in general will further minimize the wideness of the face and its undefined angles. A prefect bangs hairstyle can totally reshape your face. Different lines and cuts offset the beauty flaws and shift the attention to the strengths.

However, it is also highly recommended to avoid ultra-choppy and baby bangs that will expose too much of the features, literally capturing the attention and drawing it to the prominent parts. Instead, go for the guaranteed results and pair your fine or thicker tresses with uneven and fine-tuned light bangs sweeping the strands to the side.