Mid length haircuts look amazingly stylish and they are a perfect choice for most women because of their versatility and low maintenance. If you are looking for a hot new hairstyle, inspire yourself from the following medium length haircuts for 2011!

Medium length haircuts have always attracted a generous amount of attention from women due to the perfect balance between versatility and maintenance. This combo has boosted mid length hairstyles among the top hairstyle preferences for women and they are still maintaining this position in 2011.

Hairstyle trends change every season, so there are a variety of mid length hairstyles to choose from, but if you are looking for a hairstyle which will make you stand out, inspire yourself from the following best 2011 medium length hairstyles as they are absolutely amazing.

Hairstyles play a very important role when it comes to the way one presents herself, so it is crucial to select a hairstyle which looks fabulous and which suits the face shape and personality. This way one can benefit best from the hairstyle chosen and if you love medium length hairstyles, inspire yourself from the following best 2011 medium haircut ideas:

Hair by Royston BlytheHair by Christel LundqvistHair by Hair ArenaHair by Royston Blythe

The bob is definitely one of the hottest mid length haircuts to try in 2011. There are a variety of bob hairstyles available to choose from, but that doesn't mean they are all in. Go for stylish modern or classic cut bob hairstyles and incorporate stylish cut bangs to underline your facial features best. Some women benefit best from soft cut bob hairstyles, while others from blunt, sharp cut bobs. Make sure you select the bob hairstyle that suits your face shape best and so you will attract only positive attention.

Hair by Great LengthsHair by RushHair by Guy KremerHair by The Colour Room

Layered mid length haircuts are timeless and will always look fabulous due to their compatibility with most hair types and facial features. Hair layers are known for their benefits in relieving some of the hair's weight and offering the haircut a better posture and a higher amount of volume.
The great thing about hair layers is that they can be styled subtly for a sleek look or messy for a wilder style, either way you will look fantastic. Opt for soft layers for a subtle look or choppy layers for a textured hairstyle look. Don't bother to keep your hair layers neat - let the layers receive a shattered look as this way your hair will look hot as well.

Hair by Rae PalmerHair by Franck ProvostHair by KMS HairHair by KMS Hair

Mid-length hairstyles in 2011 look fab if paired with a gorgeous set of bangs. There are a variety of ways to cut bangs and so you can adapt the bangs to suit your haircut. The must have bangs hairstyles for 2011 are side swept layered bangs, baby bangs, blunt cut brow skimming bangs as well as asymmetric cut bangs.
Experiment with different looks by styling your hair straight, curly, wavy or up-styled so you can find the best hairstyles for you!