A-line haircuts are well structured hairstyles that can suit both your facial features and your sense of style. See a few A-line haircut pictures and find your inspiration for a look that works for you.

Celebrities like Victoria Beckham have long pushed for the style value of A-line haircuts, and the trend has also convinced actresses like Jennifer Aniston, Ali Larter, Tiffany Hines and singer Keri Hilson. Whether you’re looking for a cool bob, short or long A-line haircuts, check out the benefits of this cool look.

The Hot A-Line Bob Haircut

One of Victoria Beckham’s signature hairstyles, the A-line bob is a great structured haircut that’s flattering for most face shapes. The term “A-line” is a description of the perimeter of your hair. While the A-line bob is shorter at the back, it gently angles into a longer length at the front.

Victoria Beckham A Line BobVictoria Beckham A Line Bob Haircut

Usually worn with a deep side part that highlights the asymmetrical look of the haircut. If you want an A-line haircut with bangs, you’re better off with longer hair, since the bob will generally take the shape of the pageboy haircut and lose its flattering look.

The A-line bob haircut is usually layer free, and works best for straight hair. If you have naturally or wavy hair, expect a lot of maintenance. Thinking of getting layers or “stacking” in the back? While the A-line shape will remain, a stacked bob haircut is usually called a graduated bob.

Long A-Line Haircuts

If you prefer a longer cut, like Jennifer Aniston’s A-line haircut, the bob isn’t the right choice. Ask your stylist for the right A-line lob for your face shape. Along with length, the dramatic angles of the A-line bob haircut are diminished, but this is still a cool look and the right choice if you’re worried about cutting your hair too short at the back.

Ali Larter A Line Bob

Keeping your hair longer also allows for an A-line haircut with bangs or a few expertly cut layers, but side swept is the best way to go as blunt bangs will clash with the longer elegant lines of this hairstyle.

Zoe Saldana A Line Bob

Short A-Line Haircuts

If you want to go shorter than the A-line bob haircut, make sure you get the proper length. Stick to lengths below the jawline if you have a square face or just around it for a round face.

Shorter styles allow more freedom when it comes to stacking at the back and for a truly edgy look you can even go very short at the back, but don’t pair that with anything longer than the chin in the front.

Keira Knightley A Line Bob

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