Bangs are universal accessories in hair styling, besides being extremely stylish, these proved to be perfect tools in order to balance the disproportions of the face. Those who are not pleased with the look of their face and are embarrassed by some of their eye-popping features, it might seem the ideal trick to play with these hairdos. In order to emphasize your best traits it is essential to match the right style with the right face shape. However, it seems to be just as vital to look at the forehead too.

A round or angular, small or high forehead can define the harmony of a face. In the case of small ones, the main focus is on lengthening. That’s why it is highly recommended to opt for bangs that would create the illusion of a higher or at least proportionate forehead. Here are some of the best bangs hairstyles for small foreheads.

Baby Bangs

One of the greatest mistake when having a small forehead is to cover this area completely with a long bangs style. This would totally ruin your look by creating the illusion of a small and compressed face. The latest bangs hairstyles offer you the chance to sport ultra-chic baby bangs that are your best mate when it comes to equalizing uneven proportions.

More, it is also a wise trick to start cutting the strands at the middle of the crown area, this would also help you in faking the normal forehead appearance.

Regardless of the length and texture of your hair, when chopped to a moderate, still shorter measure, these baby bangs will add a polished and romantic aura to your hairdo. Indeed, the best way to accentuate the finesse of these is to sport them sleek, however the rest of the strands can be styled either curly or straight.

Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs will serve as hairstyle accessories in order to draw the attention to the forehead. This is done mainly to add definition to it. The asymmetrical quality not only boosts your strands into a groovy look, but also covers the forehead only to a small extent, this way still exposing a fine part of it that gives the impression of a higher forehead.

The tip of hair styling pros is to shape your tresses in order to ‘place’ this critical area in the spotlight, rather than masking it. When sporting the ideal bangs, this will be easier.

Curls can further volumize the strands and offer a refined frame to your face. Pair the sleek or wavy bangs with cascading locks or short and tighter ones to complement the already fixed and harmonious forehead.

Side-Swept Layered Bangs

Another solution to normalize the shape of the forehead is to sport side-swept, layered bangs. The strands should gradually lengthen, this way blending into the overall hairstyle, still exposing a small section of the forehead and not covering it completely. This is one of the most efficient tricks of hair stylists for those who are not confident enough to sport baby or choppy bangs.

Make sure the strands are texturized, don’t leave them extremely thick. Instead, straighten them carefully and use a styling product that would keep its initial condition all throughout the day. Pair it with flipped out or sleek strands and be proud of your brand new bangs hairstyle for your small forehead.