Being afraid of bangs if you have a round face is silly. Find out which types of bangs work best for round faces and which hairstyles will flatter your features for a great look you’ll be keen to try.

Blunt or heavy bangs/fringes do you no favors if you have a round face shape. When cut right, bangs can add sophistication to your hairstyle, but only if they’re used to compliment your face, not enhance its rounded shape.

Bangs/ Fringes for Round Faces Bangs/ Fringes for Round Faces

Side-Swept Bangs for Round Faces

By far the best option when looking for the best bangs for round faces consists of side-swept bangs. They can elongate your face and give the highly appreciated oval look.

Celebrities like Cameron Diaz or Kirsten Dunst have used the side-swept bangs to their full advantage: drawing attention to one side of your face.

Side-swept is the best way to go for shorter and medium hair, but you can try some different bangs that can look equally good.

Bangs/ Fringes for Round Faces Bangs/ Fringes for Round Faces

Angled Bangs for Round Face

If you want piecey bangs that cover most of your forehead, but not in a heavy way, choose a longer hairstyle. When your do is layered and the hair touches your shoulders, your face is easily elongated to support fuller angled bangs.

Worn best by Nicole Richie, the angled bangs can be cut right about the eyelashes, but with an angled look, cut at the sides about three quarters of an inch.

Bangs/ Fringes for Round Faces Bangs/ Fringes for Round Faces

Wispy Bangs for Round Face Shape

Another great look if you face is round includes wispy bangs. When cut by an expert stylist, these bangs look airy and don’t have the same shortening effect heavy bangs have on your face.

If you’re tired of the bangs covering your forehead and you decide you’d rather have them side-swept, blow-dry them in the opposite direction of placement for a better look when set on the desired side of your face.

Bangs/ Fringes for Round Faces Bangs/ Fringes for Round Faces

Highlighted Bangs for Round Faces

When you’re bored of your look and willing to experiment with color, highlighted bangs can be used with great success on round faces. Get partial highlights for your bangs and the top layer of your hair. This can make for a great look since it draws attention away from your chin and grabs the eye in a pleasant way.

From bobs to layered shags, you can try a lot of medium hairstyles with bangs for round faces, but keep in mind that choosing the best bangs for your face shape is much more important than just picking up a magazine and choosing the look you want.

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