The new trends have brought new asymmetrical haircuts ideas for women to choose from depending on their personal style. The modern world we are living in has lead to the development of different, innovative hair cutting techniques. It is the cut which makes a hairstyle look fabulous and the asymmetrical cuts help to create wonderful versatile hairstyles. It is very important to ensure the desired haircut suits your face shape and hair type as these are two factors which can influence the result. Some hairstyles are suitable only for people with curly hairstyles and for certain face shapes while others work only on straight hair. Hair length is also a determining factor needed to be taken into account when opting for an asymmetrical haircut. Here are some asymmetrical haircut ideas for you to choose from depending on your hair length:

Short asymmetrical haircutsShort hairstyles have become quite popular this year and it seems that more and more women are discovering the benefits of sexy short hair. Short hairstyle can actually vary in length from buzz cut short to ear length, depending on personal preference and style. One of the most popular short hairstyles seems to be the asymmetrical pixie short hairstyle as it looks fabulous and helps to give a little bit of twist to the hair. The hair needs to receive a longer cut on the top of the head allowing a part of it to extend on the forehead similar to bangs. Another popular asymmetrical style is to cut the hair shorter only on one side of the head allowing the hair to continue gradually longer while crossing towards the other side of the head. Bangs usually help to balance this gorgeous look.

short cut asymmetrical short

Medium asymmetrical haircuts Medium hairstyles offer a little bit more versatility to hairstyling, this is why most women choose a medium or longer hair length. The asymmetrical cut created on medium hair length will be much more emphasized because of the difference of hair length. Asymmetrical bob haircuts are the most popular medium asymmetrical haircuts as the bob contributes to a woman’s femininity and the cut gives the hairstyle a completely new twist. One of the most memorable asymmetrical haircuts is Rihanna’s asymmetrical bob which looked absolutely stunning on her. This type of haircut looks absolutely adorable if created on straight hair as the hair’s sleek appearance emphasizes the style of the cut. Curly hairstyles as well can benefit from this type of haircut, only the result will not be as highly visible as on straight hair.

medium haircut

Long asymmetrical haircuts Asymmetrical haircuts created on long hairstyles have a great visual impact. There are a variety of asymmetrical haircuts to choose from as the hair’s length allows it to be cut in different styles depending on the desired visual impact. Confident women can opt for razor cut areas similar to Cassie’s asymmetrical long hairstyle or they can go for a more subtle approach and choose a hairstyle that is cut shorter at the back of the neck and gradually becomes longer towards the front.

Choose the asymmetrical haircut that appeals to you most, but make sure your facial features will only benefit from this lovely haircut style.