Usually, women tend to believe that only very long tresses can look fabulous and feminine, and once you lose them it is no longer possible to exude sexiness, glam, or mystery. This unwritten rule has been destroyed more than once in the entire history of hairstyle trends. For example, this season is rich in so many gorgeous short haircuts that not only express an incredible femininity, but they are also very versatile, allowing you to play with different styles every day. Moreover, their practicality and low maintenance are important elements that place them among the most famous haircut trends.

The only thing that one needs is the courage to make a change. However, as this is a very important step, especially if you have long hair, make sure you consider all possible aspects before actually cutting the tresses. Take into consideration your features, personality, and lifestyle.

As we have said before, „à la garçonne” is the hottest style among all short haircut trends. If long hair is considered as the ultimate symbol of femininity, this style is so sweet and cheerful, offering a special, sparkling look to the one wearing it. It is the perfect option if you want to have a complete makeover. Moreover, it is so easy to maintain and it gives you the opportunity to play and dare more when it comes to makeup.

For those of you who are more daring and love to try different styles, this season’s trends are so numerous, offering a myriad of possibilities. For a unique look, the glam-rock short hairstyle is the best option, especially if you have a platinum blonde hair color. Easy to maintain and style, this is that type of haircut that adds a sexy and modern feeling, making it a safe, trendy „investment” for fall/winter 2010-2011. Another bold choice is the layered „à la garçonne” hairstyle with locks of hair on the forehead, hairstyle which warms the look, sweetens your features, and gives a glam touch to the face.

If you are looking for something not too short, such as a „à la garçonne” haircut, yet still not too long, such as a classic bob, this next hairstyle will help you obtain a glam-rock, yet very feminine and sweet appearance. There is one glamorous trend that is mostly situated between the famous bob and short hairstyles. This is a stylish choice, a reinvented bob, very practical, offering a sweet and unique look, especially if you have a darker hair color.

A bob will always be a smart and safe choice in matters of hairstyling regardless of any fashion trend. This is that perfect, timeless haircut that will never go out of fashion. It is a very versatile and practical hairstyle that expresses femininity and glamour. For this winter, the classic bob comes in a new, layered, shorter version in order to add a more dynamic touch and a rock-like feeling. Moreover, the asymmetrical touch is both modern and stylish.

The bowl cut started its journey on the path of the most famous haircut trends last year. Well, for winter 2011, the bowl cut is back again in its classic version, but also in a new, upgraded one. This season, short haircuts draw their inspiration from the bowl cut, which becomes layered and rather messy. Whether you choose a shorter version or a longer one, you’ll certainly turn eyes with a trendy bowl cut. You can get a bowl effect by choosing a haircut with an undefined look at the nape of the neck and asymmetrical, side-swept bangs.

Vintage is „in” every season, reinventing itself in so many different styles and shapes, whether we are talking about fashion or hairstyles. Retro couldn’t miss this season either and is back again for fall/winter 2010-2011 with amazing short hairstyles. You can play the retro part by choosing soft waves into your short hair. As for the color, red is the best choice that emphasizes the retro and glamorous effect of a vintage hairstyle. A darker hair color also looks sexy, feminine, and mysterious.

As curly hair is always seen as a real treasure that doesn’t necessary need special styling effects, these next haircuts are very simple to achieve. Original and sophisticated, they are the perfect short hairstyles for curly hair for winter, juggling between volume and sexy curls for an extremely feminine and glam look. Set on one side, you’ll certainly turn heads with these glam-rock hairstyles.