Choosing a rockin’ hair style is the key to mark your holiday look and adapt to the newest hair styling and dressing trends. In order to make the best decision it is also important to read through the endless alternatives to select from a multitude of fabulous haircut ideas from the cute Pixies, to layered shaggy dos as well as long blunt cuts. Those who were always impressed by the idea of going short will have the opportunity to try their hand at the most versatile and ‘too cool to miss’ winter 2011 short hair styles as the ones presented below. Turn the holidays into the perfect event to show off your refined style sense and glamorous haircut that would definitely top your dapper apparel.

Arm up your Pixie with a tint of sex-appeal and tousled the locks for a more relaxed and girly glam look. Those who wish to stick to the textbook style classy hair styling should skip the rebellious designs and limit themselves to the fabulous smooth and silky strands sculpted into a tamed and ‘good girl’ style do. The alternatives are infinite especially if you know where to look for them. Pay a visit to your favorite hair guru and ask him to grant you with a flattering and dazzling do that brings out your best features. Steal the coolest hair styling tricks and turn your simple still sophisticated short hairstyle into a real work of art.

Sharply layered hair styles will grant you with a scene-stealing do that highlights the best traits of both thin and thick locks. In order to sport a sexy clubbing do sport your locks mussed up and messy. On the other hand you can also go for the soft and face framing layers that add a clean definition to your hair. Nail down the trend with a few easy to handle styling tricks and use the best formulas and tools to guarantee the spotless result of your hair sculpting project. Complement your stylish shag or tapered do with a cute bangs design. Pair the right style from the cool blunt to the side-swept and layered ones to your face shape for the desired outcome.

The winter 2011 short hair styles range from the stylish graduated to the blunt dos. This is indeed the key to meet the versatile preferences of the public. Hair stylists come up with endless ideas to keep the locks of their clients up to date with the new trends and style waves inspired also by the most stylish celebrity looks created by a team of a pro stylists. Watch out for the flood of hair dressing alternatives and spot the one that suits your features and personality.