The new hair trends have placed a heavy accent on short crops as these cuts are super versatile, easy to style and very feminine, courtesy to the new hair cutting techniques. There are a myriad of fantastic short hairstyles out there to choose from, but if you’re looking for a head-hugging crop that will surely make heads turn, take a peek at the following trendy short cropped hairstyle ideas and draw inspiration.

Jazz up your look by opting for a stylish short hairstyle that suits your personality and face shape perfectly. From sleeked back short crops to hairstyles that feature extra length in the front, anything goes, so pick your best match and experiment the power of fashion.

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An asymmetric short hairstyle is a perfect match for women who want to be in the spotlight everywhere they go, so it is a perfect match for women who exude confidence. The boldness of the cut is balanced by delicate, soft facial features, so if your face shape can pull off a modern asymmetric short crop, don’t hesitate to experiment with a daring look. This type of cut needs some length at the front to work its magic, detail which will frame your facial features beautifully. Keep your hair sleek and close to your head for a sexy vintage look or create a messy texture or add stylish waves through your hair for a more modern approach.

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If drastic changes scare you or you’re just not too sure about going short all at once, you can try to cut your locks in stages. Opt for a cute layered chin-length crop or a cool asymmetric crop that will still give you plenty of length to work with. Style your hair longer on one side and shorter on the other, shorter in the back and longer in the front or simply style fab layers throughout the hair to underline you hair’s texture.

If you’re leaning towards a stronger look, turn your attention towards boy-chic cuts that are adapted to suit your features perfectly. Go shorter on the sides and allow a little bit of length on the top of the head for versatility in styling. Enhance your fabulous new crop with an equally stylish hair color as your options in this field are endless.

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