The hairstyle we choose strongly contributes to the image we create in the eyes of people surrounding us. This is why, sometimes, we tend to try different hairstyles until we find the perfect one.

Audrey Hepburn. Back in the ’50s, Audrey Hepburn set a new hairstyle trend adopting a very short haircut. She looked great with this hairstyle in a period when not too many women dared to cut their beautiful long locks. This hairstyle has short edges, while the top has been angle layered and bangs are full and messy. What is even greater about this hairstyle is the fact that it flatters everyone regardless of age and face shape. You can choose it especially if you have oblong, oval, square, diamond or heart face shape. Natalie Portman rocked a Hepburn inspired hairstyle looking feminine and stylish.

Audrey HepburnNatalie Portman

Twiggy. The ’60s were characterized by innovation, freedom and boldness. It was a period when people militated for freedom and women gained many battles in their road towards emancipation. Twiggy was the main representative of the short hairstyles. She was named the „Face of 1966” by the Daily Express and she was the first supermodel bold enough to bring the androgynous, short hairstyle on fashion runways. She became an icon for teenagers around the world with her boyish look, short hair, and false, long eyelashes. The Twiggy haircut works well if you have delicate and well defined traits. Her pixie haircut meant youthfulness and freshness.

Jean Seberg. In 1960, in her movie “A bout du souffle”, Jean Seberg worn a short cropped hairstyle that was both boyish and sexy. Mia Farrow has adopted the same haircut in 1968, when „Rosemary’s baby” was in cinemas, and Farrow became a real source of inspiration for women around the world. She adopted a very short and simple haircut, yet so stylish and sophisticated. In 2007, actress Michelle Williams has chosen the same look.

TwiggyJean Seberg

Mia FarrowMichelle Williams

Victoria Beckham. She is another hairstyle icon who was seen sporting a pixie crop compared to the one Mia Farrow had in the ’50s. The short hair emphasizes the facial features, especially highlighting the eyes, nose and lips.

Sienna Miller. In 2006, Sienna Miller was required to play Sixties muse Edie Sedgwick for her flick Factory Girl, and therefore she had to chop off her beautiful blonde hair. Still, she managed to rock the hairstyle in the most flirty and sexiest way ever. You can sport this hairstyle if you have a round, oval, heart, diamond, or triangular face shape.

Halle Berry. Halle Berry has always been the fabulous flawless image of short hairstyles. In fact, she is usually seen sporting short hair, which made her the most unique Bond Girl of all times. This type of hairstyle perfectly brings out facial features and highlights the eyes. Therefore you need to pay attention when choosing it.

Halle BerrySienna Miller

Agyness Deyn. She is the It-model who imposed herself in the fashion world due to her unique style. When it comes to her hair, even though she is rather chameleonic, she is totally into short. In fact, Agyness can be considered as the pioneer who caused the rebirth of the short, pixie hairstyle trend. Since she appeared with her new look and an amazing platinum blonde hair, her career made a strong step forward. Moreover, in 2008, her boyish short haircut was recreated on the runway shows and could be seen at Pucci and J Mendel. From pixie and bowl-cut to her closely cropped hair, Agyness Deyn is the best proof that short is sexy and feminine.

Rihanna. In order to get rid of the good girl image, Rihanna cut her naturally long wavy hair and started wearing different short hairstyles that certainly made a rage. Her hair went through continuous changes from bob to pixie and glam pompadour style, curly mohawk or long fringe-crop. You can rock Rihanna’s hairstyles too, especially if you have oval or heart face shape as they emphasize facial traits.

Agyness DeynAgyness Deyn