Wondering how to care for your apple cut hairstyle? Find out how to rock this hairstyle as well as the celebrities who tried a hot look based on the apple cut.

A sexy but high-maintenance look, the apple cut hairstyle is a type of well defined short bob that works best for straight hair. Find out if it fits your face shape and how to style the apple cut hairstyle for girls.

Bobs come in different shapes, sizes and textures, but there's very little wiggle room when it comes to the apple cut hairstyle. If you're interested in a versatile look, the apple cut isn't for you. For women who feel confident to sport the same well defined and well coiffed 'do daily, the apple cut is a sophisticated look.

Apple Cut Hairstyle, the Sexy Bob

The name of the apple cut comes from the overall shape it gives your head: that of an apple. It can be styled with blunt or side-swept bangs but you'll need to keep the volume of your hair in check at all times for this less permissive look.

Face Shape for Apple Cut Hairstyle

When it's super short, the apple cut is best suited for oval faces. If you have a round, heart-shaped or square face, the apple cut hairstyle can accentuate strong lines or features for a less flattering effect.

The oval face is the only option if you're thinking of getting the well defined apple cut Olivia Wilde sported in Tron: Legacy, especially if the tips of the hair go higher than your jawline.

For other face shapes, you can try a slightly longer version of this hairstyle, but make sure you care for your hair daily to ensure the volume doesn't go astray and you lose the overall shape of the apple haircut.

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How to Care for the Apple Cut Hairstyle

If you don't have naturally straight hair, the apple haircut might prove a handful. Keep detangler spray and hair serum at hand to make sure frizzy hair doesn't ruin your look. 

Blow drying the apple cut hairstyle into shape is a daily activity you should be prepare for. Use a round brush to style this high-maintenance bob for the best results.

Celebrities Who Love the Apple Cut Hairstyle

Lots of celebrities who regularly sport bobs have tried the apple haircut, but not always with the best results. Rihanna and Victoria Beckham have worn this haircut with grace and even Paris Hilton gave it a try.

The best look for the apple cut hairstyle was definitely perfected by Katie Holmes, who wore it with blunt and piecey bangs but also gave a shot to different variations, including side swept bangs with less subtle layers near the ends.

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