We are indeed extremely nervous when it comes to having our hair cut. Lots of questions pop up into our minds and the concern of a very short haircut makes us abandon our bold intention. Besides, with all the ideas saying that long hairstyles are the sexiest and most feminine, chopping becomes a far away dream. Still, remember that flattering short hairstyles can do wonders and their versatility will allow you to play with styling. There are so many inspiring short hairstyle trends for summer 2011 that look absolutely fabulous!

However, chopping off long tresses and going for a drastic change might require some courage and, of course, a hairdresser’s advice if you are not 100% sure that the haircut suits you. On the other hand, if you already have a fabulous short cut, this season’s trends are practical, offering maximum freedom to style it. You just have to be brave and self-confident.

Absolutely lovely are the messy short hairstyles spotted at Loewe and Isabel Marant. And we must admit that the shortie – platinum blonde combination is cool and oh-so-chic. Leave some length at the front and keep it rather messy especially if your are looking for the perfect short hairstyle for round faces.

Isabel MarantLoewe


This season is all about having fun and creating statement hairstyles. If you want something more feminine and sweet with a practical touch, Balmain should be your source of inspiration. So girlish, this type of textured crop, à la garçonne, flatters different face shapes. You can achieve beautiful effects by simply applying some shiny wax throughout your style.

When does a shortie become too short? Well, that depends on everyone’s personality and taste, but also on facial features and face shape. At Charlotte Ronson and Wunderkind short means youthful and hugely fashionable. Yes, we know some might say it looks so androgynous, but it also exudes maximum femininity and sexiness. If what you want is something stunning and eye-catching, a short crop such as seen at Burberry Prorsum and Hermes might be your ticket. Still, if you are not sure on going short, have your hair cut in stages in order to avoid a drastic, a shocking effect.

Charlotte RonsonWunderkind

Burberry ProrsumHermès

Now, for every adventurous and rebellious personality, the rock-punk approach is the answer. Funky layering and asymmetrical cuts will instantly update your look. Try an edgy ’80s-inspired cut such as seen at Jean Paul Gaultier and play around with volume for a serious statement. You’ll feel free and sexy with this effortless style especially if you match it with a bold makeup. You can also dare the Givenchy look, adding a dark color that will make your cut stand out and flawlessly capture the essence of androgynous styles. On the contrary, if you are more into the classic vibe, a short bob hairstyle, worn in a ’70s-inspired style (Fendi) or in the already famous wet effect style (Chanel) will give a glamorous, chic and feminine feeling, adding individuality and drama.

Jean Paul GaultierGivenchy


Photos via elle.com, style.com