Designed for the woman with a strong personality and cutting-edge fashion sense, the latest cropped hairstyles exude femininity and a modern allure. Women have ditched long tresses in favor of short crops which enable them to show off their femininity without having to worry about spending too much time in the mirror to look great. Face shape, facial features and personality play a determining role when it comes to the ideal hairstyle; androgynous crops work best with feminine, delicate facial features and oval face shapes, but that doesn’t mean other face shapes can’t benefit from short hairstyles.

Hair by Carly RobertsHair by Bruno Marc GiammetiHair by Nelson BrownHair by Karen Thompson

Choppy, disconnected layers can be suited to flatter most face shapes and hair types. Layers add movement and texture to any haircut, making hair easy to manage and quick to style. Leave longer layers on top and front to open up more hair styling options and achieve different looks by simply sweeping layers to the side, rolling up or slicking them back. Personalize your short crop with colored panels or contrasting hair highlights. Have your colorist add pieces of peek-a-boo color throughout layers, which you can show off or hide, depending on how you style your hair.

Hair by Carly RobertsHair by Karen ThompsonHair by Nick MalenkoHair by HOB Salon

For an edgy vibe, have your bangs cut asymmetrically, keeping hair longer on one side and shorter on the other. For a bold and eye-catching alternative, pair a close-fitting barber cut with sharp nape and sideburns with a voluminous crown. Wear bold cuts styled for sleekness as it is the best canvas to showcase ultra-sharp lines. Longer, layered bangs work well with a short crop and will also boost the styling options of your haircut.

Hair by Jamie StevensHair by Jamie StevensHair by Anne McGuiganHair by Hannah Gordon