Short hairstyles were often thought to be fairly low maintenance and restrictive in terms of styling. However, the raising popularity of asymmetric and heavily layered hairstyles has gone a long way when it comes to changing this belief and proving endless style possibilities. If your short crop needs a few style updates or you are thinking about making a change, some of the following styling ideas can come in handy.

With so many celebrities giving up their long locks in favor of sassy short hairstyles that can be easily transformed in a matter of minutes, it's no wonder that short and medium hairstyles have gained a lot of popularity lately. Those who are willing to experiment with a few daring styles and don't mind losing length in the process will have the chance of sporting a few edgy hairstyles that will enable them to steal the spotlight every single time.

Asymmetric hairstyles are perhaps the most versatile ones in terms of styling possibilities. While these hairstyles typically require daily upkeep, these types of hairstyles are also the ones that can be customized the easiest since even small texture changes can have a fairly dramatic effect. Before choosing a new hairstyle, especially if you want one with an edgy touch, taking stock of your styling skills and evaluating the amount of time you wish to spend styling it on a daily basis are highly recommended to avoid future frustrations.

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It can be easy to dismiss a fairly simple style and think of it as boring. However, keeping in mind that creativity is the main component that defines your styling options as well as the fact that certain types of haircuts might not be suitable for certain environments which have stricter rules, it can be quite easy to see that looking for a style that is suitable for most circumstances proves to be the best alternative most of the time.

If complicated cuts are not exactly in your comfort zone, you can also spice up a simple haircut with a touch of color. In addition, if the change you are planning to make is also easy to conceal, you can get away with a little asymmetry. Explore a variety of possibilities to be able to find the best alternative for you and don't forget to make sure that your face shape is complimented by your choice.

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Keeping in mind the natural texture of your hair is also important since it might impose several limitations in terms of your hairstyles. In terms of hair health and styling time needed, the best choice is to work with your natural hair texture rather than against it. As always, the choice ultimately depends on your habits and personality. Select your next style carefully and you'll definitely be able to impress everyone and stand out.

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