Updos For Short Hair: Everyday Look

An updo for short hair doesn’t necessarily equal a complicated hairstyle, suitable only for formal events. On the contrary, you can pull a stylish day-to-day look by following some simple rules!

Start by applying styling mousse on your damp hair, then blow dry using a brush to straighten your locks. Apply styling wax or gel to your hands and rack your hair back. Add volume to your locks using a comb to tease the top layer.

Secure your locks on the back top of your head either with bobby pins or with an elastic band. Finish your updo for short hair with a stronghold hairspray and, optional, with a headband.

Perfect hairstyling products prove to be, in this particular case, Shu Uemura Tasai Cream Versatile Styling Cream and Short Sexy Hair Control Maniac Styling Wax.

Everyday Short Updo HairstyleEveryday Short Updo IdeaEveryday Short UpdoEveryday Updo For Short Hair

Wedding Updos for Short Hair

Updos for short hair are perfect choices for weddings! Try a bold hairstyle for your wedding that involves creating an updo above the forehead, in the shape of a French twist.

Sported by the likes of Gwen Stefani, this nonconformist updo for short hair requires the use of hairstyling products such as hair pomade and extra stronghold hairspray. Try John Masters Organics Hair Pomade, a natural hair pomade with essential oils and beeswax, and Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Unscented Hairspray.

Start by combing thoroughly your hair, then apply a generous amount of styling cream. Create this stylish updo for short hair by pulling your locks on top of your head, above the forehead, where you should perform the French twist. Secure it with bobby pins and plenty of pomade and hairspray.

Wedding Updo For Short HairWedding Updos For Short HaircutsShort Wedding Updos

Formal Updos for Short Hair

Similar to the wedding updos, formal updos for short hair are suitable to cocktail parties and other special events. In spite of their name, they do not require intense styling or countless hours spent in front of the mirror!

A stylish formal updo for short hair involves curling your locks, if your hair is not naturally wavy. Then apply a pea-size dab of styling mousse on your damp hair and blow dry.

Separate your curls and apply a lightweight hairspray. With your fingers, grab strands of hair and secure them on the back top of your head with bobby pins. Try Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Angel Wings Super Light Hairspray, an aerosol hairspray that provides the desired lasting hold.

Formal Updos For Short HairFormal Updo Idea For Short HairFormal Short Hair

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