Chat through your makeover options with your stylist and opt for one of these stand-out short haircut ideas for 2012 to accentuate your best features.

Take a plunge into a bold and voguish transformation! Chop off your locks to a versatile dimension and take full advantage of the sculpting alternatives short hair offers. Experimenting with different haircuts is a fun way to maintain your locks in top shape. Get rid of split ends with regular trims and make sure you don't get stuck in a style rut by sporting the same crop for series of style seasons.

Take a closer look at the following stand-out short haircut ideas 2012 to find out more about your alternatives to accentuate your best features. Ear-length layered crops are ideal for those who want to play with the texture of their locks and crave for brand new hair design ideas. Furthermore, you can also go super-short with the hottest Pixies which save you from the long and exhausting hours spent in front of the mirror.

Short Haircutby Kate RawnsleyShort Hairstyleby Kim JonesShort Haircutby LorealShort Hairstyleby Ken Picton

Short hair is definitely a perma-trend! Those who want to try their hand at this length will have the opportunity to choose from an infinite selection of haircuts inspired by iconic hairdressing trends and celeb looks. The key to success is to match the right crop with the right face shape. Define your purpose with this beauty update and consider all your options before heading to the beauty parlor. Healthy hair looks stunning when sculpted into a gorgeous micro-cut. Pay special attention to the condition of your locks to save yourself from embarrassing situations. Combine different trends to nail down a complex and worthy-of-admiration new look. Undercut designs, layered structures and gorgeous bangs can be combined to rock a versatile and up-to-date hair style.

Short Hairstyleby Saco Team CreativeShort Hairstyleby Sebastian JosephShort Hairstyleby Andre FaivaShort Hairstyleby Andre Faiva

Sport your locks super-sleek for a romantic and classy look or you can toy with the newest hair styling formulas to pull off a few edgy and sexy hair designs. Opt for formulas which leave your locks frizz-free and super-soft. Play with the visual impact of different bangs designs. Blunt bangs will add a geometric and sharp structure to your chic do. On the other hand, you can also sweep your layered bangs to the side to add length and definition to your features. Avoid a hairstyle disaster by sporting a crop which suits your styling skills and personality. If you need to find a hairstyle fast, skim through these professionally-inspired looks and make the most of your beauty salon appointment.

Short Hairstyleby Saco Creative TeamShort Hairstyleby Vivienne MackinderShort Hairstyleby I SargassiShort Hairstyleby Marc Antoni