Besides having their own signature fashion style, skaters sport some dazzling hairstyles that flash their careless and apparently sloppy attitude towards mainstream trends. Indeed, to become a real skater you’ll need to shape your strands according to these principles.

The ultra-polished look seems to be a no-no accessory of this movement. Instead go for comfy and low-maintenance hairdos that complete your look.

Ranging from the extra-short skater men’s hairstyles way through the longer designs skaters sport their strands in different styles.

Besides being stylish, the main function of skater dos is to be also practical, that’s why listen to your intuition and opt for styles that match the skater lifestyle and still mirror your refined styling skills.

Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Those who consider extra- short crops the most practical will find these hairstyles pretty inspiring. Indeed the hair length will fit those skaters who want to save some time with their hair styling. Skaters as great fans of low-maintenance hair styling will find great potential in these hairdos. Whether you go for the extra-short or a bit longer version the point is to wear it with confidence.

Due to the exposure of the face it is worth thinking about a style that perfectly matches your prominent features. Buzz cuts are among the top notch styles of the latest hairstyle trends. Pairing it with the trademark outfits can bring the desired result. Those who feel confident enough to pull off an extra-short hair look should feel free to experiment with these options.

Messy Hairstyle

The messy look is one of the favorite traits of skaters. Whether it comes naturally or they do it purposely the point is to wear the strands in the most stylish way in a skater-surfer combo style. Those who opt for the short shag will enjoy the magic of layers.

These will add volume to the finest hair and can be easily emphasized with a drop of gel or wax. Due to the relaxed look these dos won’t require too much energy or time to be shaped. Use your creativity and styling skills to bring out the best of your short crops.

Longer Tousled Hairstyles

Boys who prefer to keep their tresses growing should select among the wide range of fab medium tousled hairstyles. The length of the hair will offer unlimited choices to pull off an eye-popping look.

Sport your tresses with confidence especially if you manage to keep your hair in its best shape and only fake the messy look. Use some mousse or gel to emphasize the flipping tips or refined curls and create a hairdo that best flashes your charisma.

Tousling the strands is the key to sport this look. The careless quality gives the ultimate sex-appeal that makes this hairdo one of the signature style of skaters all over the world. Inspire yourself from the spotless look of great skaters as Danny Gonzalez or John Allie who rock the skateboard fashion world.