In the mids of your hair dilemma, it is wise to take a closer look at the ‘it-est’ hairdressing trends. Making the cut might seem a pretty bold beauty move. However, draw some inspiration from the hottest celebrities who managed to nail down a funky fresh and extremely sexy short hairstyle.

These sizzling short hairstyles for 2012 are here to provide you with an insight into the positive impact of a micro-crop on your look. Skim through the most impressive examples of timeless haircuts that inject a refined flair into your appearance.

Short Layered Hairstyleby Anne VeckShort Layered Hairstyleby Martin GoldShort Layered Hairstyleby Daniel K NeavesShort Layered Hairstyleby KJM Salon

Give your tresses depth and definition with a dazzling pixie haircut. These cute hair designs suit all face shapes and will offer you the chance to flaunt your style-awareness. Suggest brand new ideas on how to bring out the most of the graduated structure of your hairstyle. Keep wax and texturizer at hand to pull off a party-perfect look each time you hit the boardwalk. Explore the many sides of this ageless cut and wear your hair super-sleek for a sophisticated vibe or on the contrary tousled and messy for an edgy flair.

Short Bob Hairstyleby Berendowicz KublinShort Bob Hairstyleby Martin GoldShort Bob Hairstyleby Joanne OneillShort Bob Hairstyleby Mark Leeson

Thinking of going classy? These super-sophisticated bob haircuts are perfect to opt for the safest alternative to rock the transition from midi to short hair. Drop a glimpse at these inspiring looks and stick to the one that suits your face shape and hair texture. A structured cut can be turned into a statement accessory. Embrace a fashion-forward and versatile haircut that allows you to experiment with an army of designs. Keep monotony at a bay by improving your sculpting skills. Arm yourself up with a high street flat iron and styling products created by pro hairdressers.

Short Layered Hairstyleby Matt ClementsShort Layered Hairstyleby Macintyres Hair SalonShort Layered Hairstyleby Jasmine RedstoneShort Layered Hairstyleby Great Lengths