Fans of bangs hairstyles who would like to also sport mini tresses might find flipping the perfect hair styling technique. This tiny hair dressing trick will add a romantic glam even to a slightly tomboyish hairdo.

There’s no need to have extra long and thicker bangs to achieve the fab result, instead work with the strands you’ve got since flipping is done in a few moments and proves to be an extremely easy-to-handle hairstyle. These haircuts illustrate the versatility of the style either paired with a polished short hairdo or a messier and more tousled one. Depending on your preferences you can opt for the funky or the more sensual retro hairstyles.

Short Flipped Bangs

Short bangs both raised or flipped add a special frame to facial features. The groovy still refined angles and styling will enhance the length and the wispy texture of the strands. Whether you go for the thicker or soft tresses the key is to secure the desired style of the bangs. Use hair styling products that guarantee the long-lasting effect. You can either simply use your hands to create flipped bangs or a flat iron.

The trick is to use the appliance as if you tried to curl your bangs, however make sure you don’t make a complete turn with it. Instead, stop at half way and keep the tips heading upwards for the raised effect.

Side-swept bangs as well as blunt ones can be just as perfectly shaped if you follow these instructions. Maintain the rest of the strands sleek or match the chic bangs with a messy hairdo for a rock chick or punk effect.

Long Flipped Bangs

Longer bangs offer more versatile styling options. Feel free to experiment with the slightly or more prominently flipped designs. Keep the tresses sleek in order to add a mysterious and feminine aura to your look. However, if you decide to flip only the ends, you’ll also have a more romantic and girlie look. Short bob hairstyles as well as smaller crops work miraculously with this styling method.

Use your creativity to invent a hybrid style, moreover, you can keep the bangs super-sleek still sport a more Boho and relaxed look on the crown area. Indeed, longer bangs need a lot more care and handling. That’s why make sure you apply high quality products on your hair and secure the strands in the perfect shape. These little details will guarantee the breath-taking result.

Tousled Flipped Bangs

The latest trends in hair styling industry line up both the chic sleek and retro hairstyles as well as the messier and low-maintenance looking Punk and alternative dos. Those who would like to flash their hair styling mastery can play with the strands by using a little styling gel or mousse.

Combine the straight and wavy sections into one single hairdo design and emphasize highlights exposing your best features. Those with small foreheads can also enjoy the benefits of flipped bangs since it is one of the styling method that has the ability to create the illusion of an elongated forehead.