Are you thinking about ways to style your short hair for parties or to get out of a boring hair rout? Here are 3 chic ways to style your short crop with just a few products.

Curl It!Work mousse through the longer top layers and blow-dry both sides towards the center, lifting hair with your fingers so you can concentrate on the roots. Roll two large rollers towards each other at the front, blast with the hairdryer and leave it to cool. Remove and scrunch hair. You can also create a “pouff” and secure with bobby pins before spritzing with strong hold hairspray.Try to avoid using hairspray until you’re completely sure you’ve got the shape you want.

How to style short hairstylesShort Curly Hairstyles Photos

Sleek and Shiny!Working with damp hair – not wet – work mousse through section by section, starting with underneath. Create a deep parting before blow-drying hair. Comb through as you dry, pointing the nozzle of the hairdryer down the hair – these will help to keep hair sleek and flat. Lift up the crown section with the comb to expose the roots and blow-dry to lift up hair – this is more flattering on most face shapes. Make sure all underneath sections are coated with mousse, otherwise hair will fluff up as it dries.

Short Straight HairstyleShort Curly Hairstyles Photos

Go Glam!Mist volumizing spray into damp roots and blow-dry using a medium round bristle brush. Concentrate on the hair that sits above the natural curve of the head to create volume and keep the sides and the front smooth. Blow-dry hair in front of the ears forwards and the rest back. Make the side parting and roll three medium rollers through the crown and blast with hairdryer. Create the parting after blow-drying, to avoid getting a flat top. Remove once cool and use fingers to pull into shape, then smooth the front and sides.