Letting your hair turn grey naturally doesn’t mean you should also settle for a shapeless short hairstyle that doesn’t suit you. Try the best short hairstyles for grey hair, that can give you a flattering look while remaining easy to maintain.

There are plenty of options regarding short grey hairstyles for women, but the one you settle on should be suited both to the texture and color of your hair.

Short Hairstyles for Grey Hair Short Hairstyles for Grey Hair Short Bob Hairstyles for Grey Hair Short Hairstyles for Grey Hair

Short Hairstyles for Grey Hair: Bob

A well defined bob can be the perfect look for greying hair and it’s easy to maintain if you find the right cut for your hair type and face shape. Helen Mirren’s beautiful age appropriate bob is a great style for many women that aren’t ready to go super short, but want a low maintenance hairstyle for their greying hair that’s flattering and trendy: 2013 is the year of the bob!

Short Cuts for Grey Hair: Inverted Bob

Accentuate the angles of your face with an inverted bob, one of the short hairstyles for grey hair that’s perfect for a round face. This stylish cut that highlights your cheekbones or jaw line in a flattering way and it can be even easier to maintain than a more classic bob hairstyle.

Short Layered Haircuts for Grey Hair Short Grey Bob Hairstyle Short Shag Hairstyle for Grey Hair Short Hairstyles for Grey Hair

Short Styles for Grey Hair: Sliced Layers

If you want to keep it short but get a more refined look, go for sliced layers, a short hairstyle that’s been sported by celebs like Sharon Stone and British singer Lulu. This is one of the more demanding short grey hairstyles for women, since it needs added volume on top and flipped out layers for the best look, but an experienced stylist can help you make it work for your hair texture and color.

Short Grey Hairstyles for Women: Short Crop

A short crop doesn’t have to turn into a pixie and you can choose to leave more volume on top to keep more styling choices open for special occasions. Using holding serum or a little bit of hairspray you can keep this hairstyle looking fresh everyday. Just like the pixie cut, it’s great for active women that don’t want to spend too much time on their daily hair routine, but the short crop is a bit more versatile and flatters almost any face shape.

Short Grey Hairstyles for Women Short Grey Hairstyles for Women

Short Grey Hairstyles for Women: Pixie Cut

Women like Jamie Lee Curtis and Judi Dench have perfected the pixie cut for greying hair, proving that it can be both feminine and stylish. Because it’s a very short hairstyle, it puts less stress on thinning hair and regular maintenance will ensure that your hair always looks its best despite the grey streaks.

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