Short hairstyles are often chosen by confident women who like to stand out by making bold choices as well as by those that like low maintenance hairstyles due to their amazing practicality. However, despite the variety of modern styling techniques available nowadays, many women are still tempted to believe that they have to sacrifice many styling options to get all these advantages that short tresses provide. While it might be true that short tresses are not as versatile as longer ones we should not fall into the trap of thinking that creating unique, elegant and beautiful hairstyles is an extremely challenging task. Short hairstyles can be styled in a variety of ways depending on the length of the hair, its natural texture as well as your preferences.

Improving your natural hair texture with a few clever tricks is one of the easiest ways to create an elegant short hairstyle in a matter of minutes. Pixie haircuts are among the easiest ways to style as you can get a cute hairstyle simply by paying attention to the blow drying technique and using your fingers to create the desired texture. A final step is applying hair spray to make sure that this hairstyle will preserve its texture perfectly for the whole duration of the event.

If the hair length is a little more permissive, the hair styling options you have to create a suitable formal hairstyle automatically multiply. One of the most used methods to create a formal hairstyle is to modify the natural hair texture for an instant change that manages to break the routine every single time.

A wavy hair texture is preferred by many women because it suits virtually every formal occasion and it does not alter the natural hair texture too much creating additional problems such as excessive hair volume which tends to be a common problem for those with short hair because it can alter some face shapes in a negative way at the slightest styling mistake.

Wavy hairstyles can range from modern and romantic ones to classy and glamorous with a subtle retro touch depending on what styling tools you decide to use as well as the style that most suits your personality. If you want maximum control when creating soft curls for a cute romantic look you should consider using hot rollers for a natural look that will surely enchant you. If you want to create a more interesting hairstyle you can use hot rollers of different diameters to create an uneven hair texture that will automatically give the impression of a more complex hairstyle while adding natural body to your tresses.

Short bob hairstyles can be transformed in a heart beat to match a festive occasion. Defining the hair ends is a technique that is extensively used to emphasize layered bob hairstyles. Flipping out the ends can be done quickly with the help of a flat iron as well as a styling mousse and the results can be astonishing. Before using the flat iron make sure that you protect your tresses with a thermal protection spray. This step is often ignored when dealing with a such a small surface because many women are not aware of the damage that is being cause by this technique.

Curly bob hairstyles always manage to leave a favorable impression in case of formal events due to the fact that they look natural,classy while being sophisticated at the same time. Both loose curls and tight curls can look equally alluring, especially if your locks look healthy and well cared for.

Using a silicone based shiner when you style your curls can help you add an extra touch of glam to your tresses which might be exactly what you need to make sure that your hairstyle stands out from the crowd attracting a myriad of compliments along the way. As always, hair accessories can go a long way when it comes to taking your hairstyle to the next level without too much effort.