Short hairstyles require lots of commitment, therefore it is a must to think through your upcoming makeover. Find out more on your alternatives and pick a crop that matches your preferences and personality. Take inspiration from the stylish short bob hairstyles 2012 presented below.

These professionally inspired hair designs illustrate the versatility of this ageless and versatile haircut. For a full-on glamor, define the ideal length and style you wish to sport for next year. Making the cut is the simplest way to update your appearance and breathe life into your plain locks.

Short Bob Hairstyleby John AnthonyShort Bob Hairstyleby AvedaShort Bob Hairstyleby Ram Shirinov Short Bob Hairstyleby Michel Dervyn

Flash your funky fresh attitude towards hair styling and embrace a look that allows you to stay on trend with the hottest hairdressing tendencies. Layered bob hairstyles are among the it-est designs celebs also popularize on the red carpet. Super-soft asymmetry is perfect if you’re afraid of a statement look. Rock the transition from blunt to tapered with these refined and easy-to-manage haircuts. Choose a hair part which brings out the most of your face shape. On the other hand, you can also team up your chic bob with lash-lenght or baby bangs.

Short Bob Hairstyleby New Id StudiosShort Bob Hairstyleby The Colour RoomShort Bob Hairstyleby William De RidderShort Bob Hairstyleby Jon Reyman

Don’t be afraid to try a boxy, graphic bob which provides your features with a well-defined frame. Take a closer look at these sophisticated examples and stick to the one which met your expectations of a dream haircut. Make a statement with your modern bob haircut that allows you to experiment with a myriad of hair sculpting ideas. Use a flat iron to maintain the poker straight texture of your tresses and a spritz of shine spray for radiant gloss. Mussed-up bob haircuts are also on the wishlist of our fave Hollywood stars, therefore you can steal their look and embrace this up-and-coming beauty trend.

Short Bob Hairstyleby Hooker and YoungShort Bob Hairstyleby NHF HairShort Bob Hairstyleby Vidal SassoonShort Bob Hairstyleby Hairdressing