Short bobs for black women are hot and sexy hairstyles that are gaining popularity fast. One of Rihanna’s favorite looks, the short razor cut bob, might be the best option when you’re looking for short cuts for black women in 2013.

The classic bob is also a great look for black women who are moving away from different hairstyles that tend to be harder to maintain when you have dry or frizzy hair. With plenty of relaxer, you can get a hot short razor cut bob suited perfectly to your style.

Short Bob Hairstyles

Great looking when properly cut, short bob hairstyles for black women can exude both elegant and sexiness. Either straight or wavy, the short bob for black women is a better option when you’re struggling to maintain a longer style suitable for thick hair.

Keri Hilson Tapered Short Bob HaircutKelis Short  Bob Haircut

The tapered bob haircut is yet another excellent haircut choice for black women in 2013 and was sported with excellent results by Keri Hilson. The blunt bangs bob, as worn by Kelis, is a short razor cut bob with sexy bangs that are suited for a variety of face shapes when done right by a stylist with plenty of experience.

Asymmetrical Bob

Worn by Rihanna on and off ever since the debut of her hit single ‘Umbrella’, the asymmetrical bob can be the glamorous choice for your hair. Mary J. Blige is another big fan of the asymmetrical bob that perfectly suits her honey-blond hair color and well defined facial features.

Mary J. Blige Asymmetric Short Bob HaircutRihanna Short  Bob Haircut

Inverted Bob

Increasingly popular, the inverted bob was worn successfully by actresses like Vanessa Simmons and Tiffany Hines with lighter highlights that give it more texture and volume. Easy to cut by a professional stylist, the inverted bob can be paired with beautiful side-swept bangs and can be a great fit when you’re looking for short bobs for black women.

Vanessa Simmons Short  Bob HaircutTiffany Hines Short  Bob Haircut

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Razor Cut Bob Hairstyle

A bob worn by Viola Davis with plenty of texture, the razor cut bob can be just as funky when it’s short or shoulder-length. Layers specifically angled to frame the face enhance this look, one of the best short bob hairstyles for black women in 2013.

Viola Davis Bob HaircutViola Davis Short Bob Haircut

Curly Bob

When you’re looking for a short bob that doesn’t require straight hair, the curly bob is your best bet. Keep your locks jaw-length and softly layered to be able to enhance this hairstyle with sexy curls, just like British singer Estelle or Rihanna.

Estelle Short Bob HaircutRihanna Inverted Bob Haircut

Choose the best bob hairstyle for your desired look, but don’t forget to use plenty of shine serum for sexy healthy looking hair. When you’re tired of the curly look, you can always turn your bob into a sleeker do with smoothing cream.

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