It is a well known fact that short hairstyles are increasing in popularity due to their sexy, powerful and low maintenance level. The semi short hair styles fall into the short hair styles category and they are perfect for women who want to maintain a little bit of hair length as short hairstyles only suit women with a perfectly proportioned head.

Semi short hair styles are fabulous hairstyles for women and there is a variety of styles to choose from. Hairstyle trends change every year and the new hair cutting techniques developed allow hairstylists to develop new and gorgeous hair styles which exude sexiness and style. Because choosing a hairstyle is not easy as a variety of factors need to be taken into account such as facial features, face shape, hair texture, personality, available hair styling time and others, we have selected some of the coolest semi short hairstyles for you to get inspiration from:

Punk inspired semi short hair styles The punk inspired semi short hairstyles look fabulous as they help create a masculine-feminine kind of look. The hair is cut longer on top and shorter on the sides to allow the hair to be styled as desired. Waves as well as sleek straight hair with bangs incorporated look amazing. The cut of the hair makes all the difference, this is why it is important to turn to a professional hairstylist.

short punk inspired hairstyle short punk hair

Flipped over semi short hair styles This type of hair style looks fabulous as it has a very edgy and modern look. Side swept bangs are a must to achieve the flipped over look and give the hairstyle a little bit of a twist. Razor cut bangs look fabulous and give you an edgier look. To create the flipped over style you need to use a vented brush on your wet hair and blow dry the bangs in an outward direction. You can use a hair styling mousse before styling so the hair will hold better in place. After styling, apply a little bit of extra hold hairspray to set the hair.

flipped short hair flipped over short hairstyle

Straight edgy semi short hairstyles This type of hairstyles look fabulous and allow you to style your tresses straight as well as messy. Blunt cuts created throughout the hairstyle create a very edgy look which stands out so this type of hairstyle is definitely for women who don’t mind being the center of attention. Bangs incorporated into the hair style aids the edgy look of the hair. Use a flat iron to give a polished straight look to the hair, which will also enhance the cut of the tresses.

straight edgy edgy short hair

Choose the semi short hairstyle that suits your personality best and style it differently every time you wish so you can be an inspiration when it comes to beauty and style.