In men’s hairstyles, sharp barbered cuts are back, but with longer layers through the top and worn messy or slicked back.

The razor cutting technique is the most effective way to reduce weight on naturally thick hair by thinning out the bulk. Razor cut layers also create texture, perfect to give movement and shape to straight hair types. Razor cutting produces softer, feathered ends which are very wearable, easier to style in place and can be used to soften strong face shapes – a stronger jaw, bigger nose, etc.

Longer hairstyles cut with the razor will give you a hint of rock star cool being also very easy to style as they practically style themselves and fall into place.

And bangs aren’t just for the girls! They can give your haircut loads of styling options and are a quick and easy way to update your look. A sweeping bangs style paired with a side-parting adds instant coolness – for an edgier look try going shorter on the sides for an updated take on the ’80s punk hairstyles.

To make thin hair appear thicker, ask for some subtle color slices through layers that will create more texture.

To enhance the razored layers, manipulate hair with products, such as wax, texturizer or mousse! For a hair-raising effect, use a strong hold wax and pull through hair.