This is definitely the year when contemporary hairstyles dominate, so if you want to make a statement, opt for a contemporary short crop that will make the best out of your style. Short hairstyles are the must have of the moment as they allow you to sport a hot, yet simple look that doesn’t chip away femininity. If you’re all about the girly short crop look, check out the following 2011 short haircuts and draw inspiration for your next fab look.

There are a myriad of cool short haircuts out there to choose from, but that doesn’t mean that all styles will flatter you. Short crops are in fact unflattering if your face shape and attitude don’t suit your choice, so make sure you turn to an experienced hair stylist to make sure your short haircut choice suits you. Adapt the crop’s style to suit you perfectly and you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.

Hair by Natural HairHair Cutting CrewHair by Karen DoddHair by Hannah Gordon

Short haircuts with longer layers

Short haircuts that feature longer layers on top look amazing and can place a great accent on your delicate features and striking cheekbones. The long layers add versatility and movement through the top, ensuring you’ll be able to play around with different styles to avoid boredom. Layered hairstyles help set the hair in place and give it a little bit more texture, thus you can just sweep your layers forward and you’ll look amazing. In case you’re looking to boost the fashionable contemporary style of your hair, you can turn towards the variety of hair cutting techniques which are able to give the hair a little bit of an edge. Go for a for an asymmetric cut which also features long layers, but keep in mind that these cuts look best if styled sleek.

Hair by Katie MulcahyHair by Great LengthsHair by Monroe HairdressingHair by Sean Hanna

Asymmetric short haircuts

Add a little bit of an edge to your short crop by going asymmetrical. These short asymmetrical crops have heaps of attitude and attract attention just like a magnet, so if you love to be in the spotlight, venture off into the fab world of fierce short crops. You can cut your hair at different lengths or you can go bold choosing a stylish undercut. This way the highly visible difference between the hair lengths will make you look daring and unique, plus the longer cut part will enable you to experiment with different hair textures for a versatile look. Simply sweep your hair to the side and look glamorous.

Hair by Jean Louis DavidHair by Royston BlytheHair by Carly RobertsHair by Jean Louis David

Choppy layered haircuts

If you’re feeling brave, give choppy layered crops a try. These choppy layers will add an extra touch of volume to your locks, so if you love hair volume, this is definitely the way to go. Choppy layered haircuts work perfectly for girls with petite faces and facial features, so experiment and find the perfect cut for you. Add stylish choppy bangs that complement your face shape and you’ll definitely look hot. The graphic cut of your hair will enable you to sport different hair textures from tousled to sleek straight, meaning you’ll also benefit from a certain amount of versatility to adapt your look to the occasion.