The greatest advantage of short trimmed locks is their low maintenance quality. Those who are sick and tired of spending long hours in front of the mirror will have the chance to make a dramatic change both in their appearance and beauty regime. Check out the new short haircut ideas presented below before you take a plunge into a radical transformation. Sport your chic micro-cut messy or classy depending on your mood and the style of the event you’re preparing for. Bear in mind that chopping off your tresses is a long-term commitment! However, short hair is all about looking voguish and groovy. A funky asymmetrical pixie will solve all your hair dilemmas. Furthermore, you can also rock a boxy cut which reflects your fashion-forward attitude towards hair styling.

Short Hairstyle Ideaby Keller The SchoolShort Hairstyle Ideaby MituShort Hairstyle Ideaby i SargassiShort Hairstyle Ideaby Keller The School

This time we present you a generous selection of professionally-inspired hair styles. Boost the texture of your locks with wispy layers. These amazing pixie cuts teach you how to take full advantage of the versatility of this dimension. Sweep your graduated locks to the side for a tamed and more romantic look. On the other hand, if you want to add length and definition to your features, you could tousle your tresses and choose the most flattering hair part. These crops look uber-hot, no doubt! If you want to try your hand at micro-cuts, choose one of these faddish examples. Ask your stylist to grant you with an amazing and stand-out hairdo.

Short Hair Style Ideaby Edwin JohnstonShort Hairstyleby Edwin JohnstonShort Hair Style Ideaby Cheynes HairdressingShort Hair Style Ideaby i Sargassi

Keep your short bob or pixie haircut looking like it was sculpted by a professional hairdresser by using high-quality styling products. When your hair is simply unmanageable, grab your smoothing cream or volumizing paste and add refinement to your locks. Don’t forget about the revitalizing effect of shine serum which guarantees the blinding gloss of your locks. Talk with your stylist before making a long-term commitment to short crops. Leave the salon 100% pleased with your look and don’t neglect the importance of the selection phase. Browse through our parade of new short hairstyles for the spring season.

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