A short punk hairstyle is not a look everyone can pull off. These nonconformist hairstyles will suit you best either if you don’t shy away from radical changes, or you’re a rebel at heart.

Short punk hairstyles are suitable for both young adults and teenage girls. In order to make sure you get the desired punk hairstyle, go to a professional hair salon and ask for the help of an experienced hairstylist.

You should also know that a short punk hairstyle does not necessarily entail donning a crazy hair color, as well. You may choose to keep your natural hair color, if you please, but still be able to pride yourself with an exquisite punk hair color

Here are some of the short punk haircuts and hair color ideas to rock this year:

Short Bi Level Punk HairstyleShort Choppy Punk Mullet Haircut For GirlsShort Punk Haircut With Long Front LayersShort Curly Punk Haircut With Blue Hair Color

Short Punk Hairstyles for Women: The New Pixie

Did you imagine that the pixie is a tame haircut? Think again! While it can be easily worn in formal contexts, the short pixie hairstyle can be transformed into a short punk haircut if you style it accordingly.

Short Asymetrical Punk Haircut For WomenShort Blonde Punk Hairstyle With Long FringeShort Rounded Punk Hair With UndershaveShort Punk Blue Colored Pixie Hairstyle

Go for a pixie with longer bangs, and then style them upwards, using gel and hairspray. Go for hair styling products such as gel, wax or creme. 

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Short Punk Haircut With Long BangsShort Layered Punk Hairstyle With HighlightsShort Punk Hairstyle With Colored BangsShort Punk Haircut With Colored Long Bangs

For a more daring short punk hairstyle, dye several strands of hair into a bright color or a shade that complements your main hair color. For instance, if you’re platinum blonde, dye your strands pink, blue or yellow, and vice versa.

Short Punk Hair for Women: The Bold Mohawk

The mohawk is probably the most representative short punk hairstyle. If you dare to don it, then remember that the mohawk involves shaving the sides of the head. The remaining locks are styled upwards, to the middle center of the head.

Short Punk Fauwhawk Haircut Side ViewShort Punk Haircut With Chunky Purple HighlightShort Punk Hairstyle With Long Top LayersShort Fohawk Haircut For Women

The haircut that will form the mohawk may be either short and spiky, medium or even long, depending on your personal preferences. If shaving seems a bit too much for you, go for the undercut leaving hair a little longer or have the sides and back cut with the fading effect.

A short mohawk will stay into place only if you use extra strong styling products.

Colorful Short Punk Bob Haircut With BangsAsymmetrical Short Punk Hairstyle With LayersColored Short Punk Bob With UndercutPunk Short Haircut With Undercut

Short Punk Hairstyles for Women: The Fauxhawk

The fauxhawk is a short punk hairstyle similar to the mohawk, only it does not involve shaving the sides of your head. As a result, you have to option to style your hair in multiple ways: spike it up or comb it down. 

Short Punk Haircut With Asymmetric BangsShort Punk Fohawk With UndershaveShort Punk Hairstyle With Long Green BangsShort Punk Hairstyle With Long Sideburns

Photos: Mahogany, Mieka, ZGAT, Schwarzkopf