When you think of messy short hairstyles, the words sexy, fabulous and stylish pop up as well. The popularity of short hair styles as been constantly rising especially in the past couple of years, as new and hotter than ever short hairstyles have been developed.

Short hair styles used to be worn only by nonconformist women before this style became so popular and now women of all ages opt for them as they are great looking and can soften the facial features creating a very feminine look. The new hair cutting techniques developed by hairstylists allowed popular vintage short hairstyles to be modernized in the most fabulous manner. The style and sex appeal exuded by these short hairstyles are very difficult to top, plus the low maintenance level boosts the hair style’s popularity sky high. There are a variety of short hairstyles to choose from, but one of the popular styles that will make you stand out and look fabulous are the messy short hairstyles. The messy look is perfect for this summer season as it gives you a certain beachy look, a don’t care but still look fabulous kind of look.

messy pixie messy hairstyle

In order for short hairstyles to achieve the perfect messy look, choppy layers need to be incorporated. This type of hair layers will give the hair the right texture and the right style, making the hair stand out. Styling short hair messy is as easy as it can be. A little bit of hair styling product applied using the fingers to the ends only will define and enhance the cut in just seconds. We live in a world which seems to be set on fast forward, a world in which time is precious. The less time spent on hair styling, the better, so women are now leaning more towards low maintenance hair styles that look great.

The pixie short haircut is one of the most popular short haircuts of all and you can easily see why. The sexy, amazing style attracts attention as a magnet. Choppy layers and pixie haircuts work beautifully together to create the messy, eye catching look. One of the celebrities who introduced this style and looked fabulous was Victoria Beckham as her choppy layered pixie was admired and copied by women from different corners of the world.

messy hair messy short hairstyles pixie haircut messy short hair

To add a little bit of a twist to your tresses, you can opt for choppy bangs as they look fabulous with short crops. Bangs are very popular this year as they can easily transform the look of any type of hairstyle. In order for any type of hairstyle to look great proper hair care is required. Taking the hair type into account when choosing a hair product is necessary as your tresses need the right amount of moisture to look and feel great. Choose a messy short hairstyle this summer if short hairstyles suit your face shape and hair type and you will definitely look fabulous.