Pretty and polished looks provide us with the pleasure to sport practical and at the same time chic haircuts. Some might get sick and tired of the moth-eaten look of their strands and therefore start flirting with the idea of a radical change. Whether you want a complete or a partial makeover, the solution for your problem is to check the latest messy cut short hair styles that can be either girly and refined or edgy and more eye-popping. Hair stylists are eager to grant you with a new and upgraded appearance styling your strands into fabulous styles. Graduation is one of the trademark techniques used in order to add a more natural allure to the layered do. These are some of the looks to keep an eye on for your next re-styling.

Sassy Pixies

Looking for a more youthful and lively flair in your appearance? Then you should not go far to find the best do that suits your face shape as well as the highbrow preferences. The sassy Pixies of 2010 as well as the season will boost the volume and dimensions of your locks. Play up the lush glam of your tresses with the cute and choppy hair ends and the thinned out locks. These ingredients when mixed in the same bowl will generate the best result possible. Hit the boardwalk and sport one of the cute looks above. Preserve the natural texture of your strands be it curly or sleek or use a flat iron to ensure the ‘you-can’t-go-wrong’ sassy refinement of your polished locks. A similar messy cut enhances your best features with an additional chic flair.

Messy Short Shag

Longer asymmetric cuts might need more attention and time still would require less effort than a midi cut. Short hair spares us from the long hours and days spent with hair styling as well as various treatments. Both during the summer as well as the rainy season the short shag furnishes you with the perfect excuse to stand out from the crowd and make a memorable appearance on various events. Use your beauty skills to sculpt your locks into more dainty designs or discover the casual chic flair of your tapered cut. Flip the ends if you wish to sport a retro-chic inspired look or purposely tousle the locks with a dab of texturising paste. A similar girly glam do is perfect for clubbing and even for more ceremonial events if you add a tint of your own personality and charm to it.

Messy Short Bob

The latest messy short Bob haircuts just can’t help but catch your eye with their highbrow yet so modern aura. The perfect angles as well as the sophisticated shape give the look a bit of an edge. Use your fingers simply to enhance the locks with the chiseled and texturized charm. Keep the locks sleek and finished or you can also try your hand at the more complex, curly or loose wavy Bob hair styles. Glam rock meets class with the tousled look which can be easily created with a chic cocktail of wax or gel. Fluff up the volume or keep the look more tamed depending on your preferences. Master the various styling techniques to bring out the best of your do.