Men are just as embarrassed by a high forehead as women. However, those who are not into hairstyling might think that there’s no remedy for their problem. In fact the latest trends of hairdos offer several possibilities to mask our prominent features and shift the attention to the favorable parts.

With a few angles and tricky lines the hair stylist will manage to furnish you with a charming hairdo. However, be careful to match the do not only to your forehead, but also to your face shape. It’s not enough to camouflage the critical spots with a few strands, but rather think on a larger scale.

Analyze your face carefully, look for the strengths and weaknesses to balance the uneven proportions. In fact this is the key to a dazzling look. Softening the defined forms and creating the illusion of a smaller face is the main goal when it comes to visually shrink a high forehead.

The following men hairstyles for a high forehead will offer you enough inspiration to choose a more flattering and hot hairstyle.

Long Bangs Hairstyles[/b ] Bangs are the best accessories to play down your forehead. Covering the forehead will efficiently camouflage its height. That’s why pair the best and latest styles with your features and face shape . The minimizing effect can be achieved with almost all bang types. Depending on the dramatic or the less spectacular effect you want to create, sport a hairdo that best flashes your lifestyle and attitude.

These hairstyle accessories are just as popular among men as they are among women. That’s why you have the freedom to experiment with all of them until you find the one that completely fulfills your preferences. Blunt and fuller ones look just as fabulous, however if you’re not confident enough to wear it, go for the thinner and razored design.

[b]Layered Hairstyles

Sporting longer layers is also a trick to reduce the eye-popping effect of your forehead putting an emphasize on the volume of your tresses. The best way is to try out different styling methods, experiment with the tousled messy style or the refined classy gents hairstyles. Pair the do with the appropriate event and certainly with your outfit.

Regardless of the length of your hair make sure to devote more time to follow a basic hair care routine to maintain the healthy appearance of your tresses. This is one of the key factors in order to play down the high forehead. More, you’ll be able to flash your features without having to hide behind your strands.

Razored Cuts

Layering will provide your face with a framework which is an efficient means to put your face into spotlight rather than the forehead. Sweeping aside the bangs and joggling with different hair layers and razored sections is the perfect combination for your face shape.

In order to have a symmetrical face avoid baby bangs or a buzz cut. These hairstyles are indeed very fashionable, however it seems that these won’t serve your purpose.